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Tech For Everyone #22: The Linus Effect

Tech For Everyone #22: The Linus Effect
By Jason Evangelho • Issue #22 • View online
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Now, we need to talk about the decidedly positive ripple effect a certain Linus Tech Tips is having on the Linux world…

The Linus Effect
Thanks to the ongoing Linux Gaming Challenge at Linus Tech Tips, and the impending Steam Deck launch, Linux gaming is enjoying more exposure. But it’s also under the microscope.
If you’ve been watching, you probably saw Linus Sebastian’s Pop OS installation implode when he tried to install Steam.
That incident led to both System76 and KDE patching their respective Linux desktop environments to prevent users from straight up deleting their COSMIC or Plasma desktops.
So, what’s next from this ripple effect? 12-year-old Rudra Saraswat has stepped up to the plate. And he’s created a “Linus-proof” app called Gamebuntu!
7th Grader Develops "Linus-Proof" Ubuntu Linux Gaming App
Designed specifically for new Linux users coming over from Windows, Gamebuntu is basically a bash script with a nice clean GUI. Click “Install,” and it does a BUNCH of tedious stuff that no one likes to do manually.
Stuff like this:
  • Switches the kernel to the xanmod kernel
  • Adds a PPA for the newest MESA graphics version (until an official PPA is provided by Canonical).
  • Installs Lutris, Steam, Wine, Kodi, the OBS Studio snap and PulseEffects. 
  • Enables click-to-minimize in GNOME
  • Installs NoiseTorch from GitHub (I made a video about that!).
  • Installs these packages: mesa-utils vulkan-tools libegl1:i386 (based on feedback in this thread)
You can read my full writeup about Gamebuntu at Open For Everyone right here.
Fedora Is Also Stepping Up
If you’re using Linux and streaming anything, the Fedora Project wants to hear from you. (Podcasters too!)
Why? On this recently published Fedora Wiki page, Christian Schaller (Director for Desktop, Graphics, Infotainment & i18n at @RedHat) explains that the the use case for live streaming has skyrocketed in the last decade. Whether you’re a gamer, a coder, a podcaster or just someone physically separated from loved ones, it’s become almost a utility rather than a luxury.
These use cases have only been amplified by the pandemic. 
In a nutshell, the Fedora Workstation Live Streaming Compatibility Initiative aims to “make sure that Fedora Workstation has the best out of the box experience for the software and hardware.”
Every initiative begins with a first step. In this case, it’s listing the strengths and weaknesses of Linux compatibility. Then, the exciting part: articulating potential partnerships with hardware and software makers. 
Key to this discussion is that Fedora wants to partner with entities “that have an interest in both upstream and downstream enablement.” Meaning, of course, that it wants the entire Linux ecosystem to benefit.
The initiative clearly states that Fedora intends to gather support from vendors and industry players to build moment around this. 
“The list on the wiki is currently a bit of a brain dump of what we found so far as being used,” Schaller tells me. “Our hope is to define a subset of the items on the page as the MVP and then work on outreach to the manufacturers and see how we can help the software communities on that MVP.” 
Plainly put, your input is valuable to the Fedora Project on this one. If you’re creating content on Linux, give Schaller your feedback. 
Find out more here:
Fedora Eyes Partnerships To Make Streaming Better For Linux Users
Do you agree or disagree with this tweet?
Benjamin is awesome btw. He’s the creator of GOverlay, a great app for Linux that installs MangoHUD and acts as a killer overlay for benchmarking and monitoring. And making your games just look better.
He recently updated GOverlay to look great on Steam Deck.
OH, speaking of Steam Deck. Here’s yet another article I kicked out this week:
Valve Answers More Burning Questions About Steam Deck
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