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Tech For Everyone #19: Rebirth

Tech For Everyone #19: Rebirth
By Jason Evangelho • Issue #19 • View online
Long time no write. I know, I’m not the best multitasker. But one of the advantages of growing older and wiser is that you learn to just accept your flaws, make a slight course correction, and trudge confidently forward.
The last 12 months have been one constant course correction, and it has led to this.
First, a musical diversion. Then some real talk about the future of Linux For Everyone and the rebirth Tech For Everyone.

Brief Book Review: "Runnin' with the Devil"
I’ve been on a music-centric reading spree, highlighted by the gloriously nostalgic “Nöthin’ But a Good Time: The Uncensored History of the ‘80s Hard Rock Explosion,” a book you should absolutely read if you want a raw look at the history and debauchery of the 80’s glam rock scene from the musicians who lived it.
But my formative musical years involved a heavy dose of Van Halen, well before Poison and Stryper and The Crue descended on the Sunset Strip.
So I ripped through “Runnin’ With The Devil” – a story told through the eyes of Van Halen manager Noel Monk – in about 72 hours.
Most characters in a story have a redemption arc. Tragically, that can’t be said for Monk’s account of Roth-era Van Halen.
What starts as a beautiful origin story about a super-talented band briefly evolves into a success story, but then just as quickly devolves into a sordid narrative of betrayal, frustration, depression, and severe drug and alcohol abuse that makes you simultaneously feel sadness and contempt for the members of the band.
Except for Michael. No one could ever hate Michael.
Seriously though, this painted my impressions of Van Halen a slightly darker color, and like Monk towards the end of his tale, I feel like removing them from heavy rotation on my Spotify playlists. At least for a little while.
Maybe some Van Hagar as a palate cleanser…
At any rate, it’s an easily readable page-turner and contains a wealth of “inside baseball” stories that prove the rock-star life isn’t as glorious as you think.
Neither are the rock stars themselves.
(Re)Introducing... Tech For Everyone???
Many of you came from (RIP).
That tragically brief adventure allowed me to blend my love for technology with a fun, whimsical writing style that made the content approachable and (hopefully) enjoyable.
When Voice closed up, I died a little inside. I launched this newsletter, carried on with the Linux For Everyone podcast and videos, and thought I was content.
I pigeonholed myself. I built up a brand and online persona where I’m now known as “The Linux Guy” despite covering the broader landscape of technology at Forbes for 7 years. Despite being fascinated with so much outside of the Linux and open-source ecosystem.
But you see, I’m that oddball pragmatist who believes it’s totally fine to use Linux while also using Windows and macOS. Linux is awesome, I love promoting it. But it’s not some universal problem solver that’s perfect for everyone.
It’s not THE WAY.
Because operating systems are tools, and people have a dizzying variety of personal and professional needs.
I made this video 18 months ago. It's still VERY relevant.
I made this video 18 months ago. It's still VERY relevant.
I also had another realization: I cover a lot of “Linux-first” companies like System76 and TUXEDO Computers. Their primary focus is on Linux, but they also load up their machines with Windows. I’ve covered indie game studios that adopt the same philosophy.
And my amazing community? They’re into everything! They might dual-boot Windows for some gaming, or lean on their MacBook for music production. They also love talking about headphones, coffee, 3D printing, Apple Silicon, Android apps, robots, and pretty much anything involving a processor of some kind.
They’re open and welcoming. They have varied interests. So do I!
That’s why I’ll be transitioning the Linux For Everyone video channels into Tech For Everyone.
Tech For Everyone will be “Linux-first” but won’t be restricted to exclusively producing Linux content.
It will become an awesome hybrid of what Linux For Everyone is today, plus the video companion to what I was doing and loving at Voice.
The Linux For Everyone podcast will remain Linux For Everyone.
A shift like this opens the door to broader hardware coverage opportunities, and it more accurately reflects the REAL state of Linux in the world around us: as an incredible tool, but not one that exists as an isolated island with nothing else around it.
Perhaps “Tech For Everyone” will become the flagship? The beginnings of a new network? Whatever happens, let’s just have some fun. I want to wear my passion on my sleeve and share my enthusiasm for all kinds of tech, whether it’s powered by Linux or not.
Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.
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