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Tech For Everyone #18: The Server Bug

Tech For Everyone #18: The Server Bug
By Jason Evangelho • Issue #18 • View online
Greetings my wonderful Waddle!
Not that you asked, but since I last invaded your inbox, I’ve published two new videos on YouTube and an interview with System76 engineer Jeremy Soller on the podcast.
I’ve also become slightly obsessed with Mythic Quest. If you’re remotely aware of how, erm, dysfunctional the video game industry can be at times, this show becomes even more (painfully) hilarious.
Sometimes this newsletter is an informative romp through the world of Linux and tech as seen through my eyes and (in)experience. And sometimes, it’s going to resemble more of a journal; a snapshot of what’s revving my engine and getting me excited.
Today it’s undoubtedly going to lean toward the journal side. I need to talk about a new rabbit hole…
But first, Paul Muldoon is back with another Music For Everyone recommendation, and it’s an AWESOME one. I heard the opening track from these guys and immediately bought the album on Bandcamp.
Paul, the stage is yours…

This week’s music recommendation is a rollicking good time from Co Armagh in Northern Ireland. The band is Trucker Diablo and the album is the brand new Tail End of A Hurricane. They have been releasing albums for a decade now and their sound can be described as pub rock with a southern rock swagger, chunky riffs, catchy melodies, and singalong choruses.
When I listen to the album I can’t help but think of those sweaty gigs in tiny dive bars I used to go to before the event, and hope to to to again real soon.
So, crack open a beer, crank the music up loud and enjoy your weekend. Keep the big truck rolling!
Btkor by Trucker Diablo
Btkor by Trucker Diablo
I suppose this was inevitable.
I’ve been testing laptops, honing my Pop OS install to visual perfection, capturing B-Roll, producing audio and video content on multiple systems, testing distros, experimenting with new video editors.
I desperately need some automation. Some stability. Some peace of mind!
And because I’m Jason – the weirdo who simply can’t turn down learning something geeky regardless of how busy I feel – it’s time to learn how to spin up and manage a home server (or three).
What could that server be tasked with?
  • It could be a Steam caching server.
  • We could start up a “Music For Everyone” FunkWhale instance (actually, we WILL do that).
  • I can back up and/or sync all the things.
  • I can automate all of the things.
  • ????
I don’t have much knowledge in this arena, but “learn by doing” has always been my creed. And when you have a community like Linux For Everyone’s by your side, there’s help around seemingly every turn.
For example, my friend Sky is going to guide me through this adventure. First, I’ve been asked to do some homework by watching all 7 existing episodes of The HomeLab Show. Sky says that will provide me a good foundation of knowledge before we jump in.
Then, we’re actually going to spin up a FunkWhale server, which is a decentralized audio platform for sharing music. (Screw the book club, we’ll start a music club…)
Jason Evangelho | Year 3
4 drives acquired for a home server project. Dropping them into my @system76 Thelio!

(I seriously love the drive bay in this thing.)
On the hardware side, I’ll be utilizing my System76 Thelio (it’s rocking a Ryzen 5 3400G and 16GB of RAM). I just picked up a pair of Samsung 870 EVO SSDs and a pair of 2.5" Seagate HDDs for some tasty RAID action.
Honestly? I am chomping at the bit to get started.
Watch the project progress over on GitHub.
Do you have experience with managing home servers? What kind of projects would you recommend, either for fun, for learning, or to benefit the larger Linux For Everyone community? Let me know by just hitting reply!
The past 2 weeks have been blissfully chaotic and productive, so I haven’t written as many newsletter issues as you’re used to. Sorry about that! The good news is, we’re very close to launching a brand new website to host all of my content – and maybe some of yours too ;-)
Until our paths cross again, you all take care – and take care of each other.
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Jason Evangelho

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