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Tech For Everyone #16: Prescription video games?



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Tech For Everyone #16: Prescription video games?
By Jason Evangelho • Issue #16 • View online
Happy Tuesday my wonderful Waddle!
Yesterday, I edited an episode of Linux For Everyone in the cloud via, dabbled with Ansible (thanks @bashfulrobot), created and started managing this new GitHub repo using Visual Studio Code, applied the deliciously dark Dracula Theme to all the things in my Pop OS installation, and started using Matrix.
I don’t say all this to brag. I say it because we’re never done learning, never done exploring, never done discovering!
What have you been exploring lately? Let me know by just hitting that reply button.
Also, we hit 400 subs! I promised you a newsletter-exclusive opportunity when I reached that milestone, and it’s arriving in Thursday’s issue.

It is a new week, which means a new Games for Everyone segment and game recommendation! I will be the first to say that I am the biggest fanboy of the cyberpunk genre. So I am always on the lookout for games that feature it. This week’s game choice is a game called Dex
In Dex, you take on the role of Dex, a strong female protagonist hacker, living in the futuristic corporate-controlled city of Harbor Prime. The best way to explain this game is by calling it a cyberpunk, 2.5d side-scrolling, open-world RPG. If any of those things interest you, then you must take a look at this game.
Here's Dark1LTG on the L4E channel recommending even more cyberpunk games!
Here's Dark1LTG on the L4E channel recommending even more cyberpunk games!
Dex is a fantastic experience with a great musical score, that just oozes the cyberpunk atmosphere and aesthetic. Do yourself a favor and get this game!
Screenshot for EndeavorRX
Screenshot for EndeavorRX
Last year a video game called EndeavorRx made history as the first game to gain the decidedly (and deliberately) clinical description of “an FDA-cleared medical device” and a “prescription-only digital therapeutic.”
The action-heavy game was originally developed to bolster the attention span of kids with ADHD, with the specific aim of improving their ability to focus and manage multiple tasks at once.
This PDF is jam-packed with “instructions for daily treatment” that “require your child to complete 5 to 7 game missions each day.”
This might be one of the few healthcare-related documents I’ve ever been downright fascinated by, if only because minus the medical jargon, it reads like a game manual.
Also because stopping the game is called “exiting treatment.”
Fast forward to our pre-summer post-pandemic world, and EndeavorRx is being re-evaluated as a treatment for COVID-19 “brain fog.”
“We need more interventions in general, in cognitive and mental health, that we can get out into the community.“ Neuropsychologist Faith Gunning, Weill Cornell Medicine in New York.
Speaking to The Verge from Weill Cornell Medicine in New York, Neuropsychologist Faith Gunning says Akili Interactive’s game may help "moderate to severe” COVID-19 survivors with many of the same symptoms found in children with ADHD. Namely, interruptions in normal cognitive function.
More broadly, Gunning believes that the game could alleviate attention-centric cognitive troubles experienced by pretty much anyone. As one example, her prior studies show positive changes in the brains of middle-aged and elderly people suffering from depression.
“We showed that there’s improvement in connectivity within brain networks that support attention and executive skills, and we have some preliminary data showing improvement in mood,” says Gunning.
A new study at Weill Cornell Medicine will examine to what extent this “remotely-delivered digital cognitive intervention” (wow) can improve the cognitive function of COVID-19 survivors.
My goodness, how far we’ve come since video games were falsely viewed as the exclusive domain of nerds and introverts, and pretty much ridiculed by the general public.
I have to wonder if this might kick-start an entirely new subset of video game development. At the very least, I genuinely hope that EndeavorRx can be modified, adapted, and improved upon to help a much wider group of people.
As for elevating your mood, well, the majority of video games can already do that without a prescription.
News and random awesomeness around the web you need to know about, that I didn’t have time to write about:
Oh My Git!
Newegg Shoppers Can Now Pay with Dogecoin
Dracula PRO
Did I mention I adore this dark theme? Here’s what it looks like on my Pop OS 20.10 system.
Deliciously dark
Deliciously dark
…But there are a couple of ways to support what I’m doing here, and over at Linux For Everyone.
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Find it in your favorite podcast player
I’ll talk to you soon! Until next time, you all take care – and take care of each other!
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