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Tech For Everyone #15: My favorite bar in Croatia

Tech For Everyone #15: My favorite bar in Croatia
By Jason Evangelho • Issue #15 • View online
Happy Thursday to my wickedly wonderful Waddle!
Today we’re taking a detour from the usual tech stories and going on a visual adventure to one of my favorite places in Croatia.
After that, a quick look at what’s ahead on Linux For Everyone…
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Last week we escaped to Premantura for a few days.
(Those of you who’ve followed me since the summer of 2020 might know Premantura as my peaceful away from home on the Istrian Coast of Croatia, where I recovered from Legionnaire’s Disease.)
It didn’t matter that there was snow (!!!) creeping into the weekly forecast after yet another false start to Spring 2021. Our thoughts were already at the sea, regardless of the temperature or the weather conditions.
Self-service taps? OH YEA. (Also, even the menu frames are hand-made)
Self-service taps? OH YEA. (Also, even the menu frames are hand-made)
10 minutes into the 3-hour drive there, I was already daydreaming about Safari Bar, one of the most unique destinations I’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying since moving from America to Eastern Europe several years ago.
Safari Bar is nestled deep inside of Cape Kamenjak, practically hidden within its 6 kilometers of winding dirt roads, rugged forests, and gorgeous Adriatic sea beaches.
(If you ever visit, just enter Kamenjak Nature Park and follow the unassuming wooden signs for “Safari Bar.” Or if you the spirit moves you, one of the MANY OTHER beach bars there! Bring cash, and carve out some extra time to collect the wild asparagus that seems to grow everywhere.)
Look closely and you'll see this bar's floor is mostly hay!
Look closely and you'll see this bar's floor is mostly hay!
Every piece of Safari Bar was built by hand, by a single human being the locals call “Vlado.” (You’ll appreciate that fact once you see all of the photos.) Vlado built the bar, the bamboo huts, the tables that are constructed from slabs of rock and treated wood, the slides, the swings, the frames, the dog bar, the lookout tower, and everything else here, over the span of the last two decades.
It’s an unforgettable place with a captivating, rustic vibe.
There are also some attractions for the kids...
There are also some attractions for the kids...
...and for kids at heart...
...and for kids at heart...
Several pathways from Safari Bar will also lead you to a cliffside seating area overlooking the achingly beautiful Adriatic sea:
Lana and Slayer soaking in the scenery
Lana and Slayer soaking in the scenery
You can also climb up this watchtower at the entrance of Safari Bar and use the telescope to get a closer look at two nearby shipwreck locations, or just enjoy the view:
The scenery is undeniably blissful, but what if I told you my absolute favorite part of Safari Bar centered around two simple menu items?
Ladies and gentlemen, the mouthwatering Safari Bar Calamari Sandwich:
Simple. Fresh. Mouthwateringly delicious.
Simple. Fresh. Mouthwateringly delicious.
Sometimes the best food is humble food, and this fits the bill. Grilled calamari, a flaky bun, a mayo-based spread and a few other simple ingredients. But you guys, it’s pure awesomeness for your taste buds.
You’ll need something to wash that down with, so I strongly recommend the addicting Sangria they make every day.
Skip the cup-sized serving and just order the 1 Liter bowl.
Mmm, Drunk Fruit!
Mmm, Drunk Fruit!
The best part of our Safari Bar adventure this year? They decided to start their season early, the day before we arrived. Ordinarily, they don’t open their beachfront doors until much closer to the summer. We lucked out, and I took these photos because I knew I wanted to share this remarkable place with you.
The second best part: Dogs are more than welcome at Safari Bar!
No beer out of these taps, though... Just the H 2 0
No beer out of these taps, though... Just the H 2 0
I love living here. So, Safari Bar. Commit it to memory. It’s yet another bucket list location to add to your inevitable trip to Croatia!
I’ve started editing the massive 2.5 hour interview with Jeremy Soller of System76, and I’m confident you’re going to love this conversation. (And yesterday, I wrapped another interview with the team at
Here’s a snippet of my chat with Jeremy that’s pretty timely, though. Have you heard about the changes coming to Pop OS?
Pop OS 21.04 Is Finally Getting That Feature You Want
Pop OS 21.04 Is Finally Getting That Feature You Want
In a nutshell, Pop OS is getting its own version of Gnome Tweaks built in, customizable workspaces you can name, configure, save, and relaunch at any time, and a BUNCH of other features users have been clamoring for.
You can digest all the details here:
System76 Blog — COSMIC to Arrive in June Release of Pop!_OS 21.04
Today our Discord Server got a fresh coat of paint, some new channels, and a fresh injection of users and positive energy. Come hang out with our community and talk about your favorite music, games, or Linux distributions. Or just share your favorite tech-y, nerdy memes:
Join the Linux For Everyone Discord Server!
I’ll talk to you again on Saturday! I’m off to start building the brand new website!
Until next time, take care – and take care of each other.
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