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Steam Deck News Roundup!

Steam Deck News Roundup!
By Jason Evangelho • Issue #27 • View online
Sung to the melody of Chop Suey by System of a Down:
Stumble out of bed and feed the Slay pup! 
Caffeinate with coffee in a teacup!
The Steam Deck’s laying right there on the table!
Think I’ll play the Anniversary edition of Fable!

Linux Gaming Goes Mainstream February 25th
Yes, I have a Steam Deck!
And on February 25th, I believe Linux gaming history will be made when it releases. It may not start with a bang, but it will have a far bigger impact than people are expecting.
I’m ridiculously excited for this launch. For me, it’s the culmination of everything I’ve covered in the Linux gaming space since I made the switch myself in 2018 and started writing about it professionally.
I cannot wait to tell you everything I possibly can about this device.
(Here’s how I’ll be testing it over the next week and beyond.)
But in the meantime, I have a firehose of news and opinion pieces I’ve written in the past 10 days or so. Before that, a really cool history lesson.
In the summer of 2012, Valve took its first steps down the road of its own Linux journey. Read this blast from the past, courtesy of
Steam’d Penguins | Valve
Hard Proof: Linux Gaming Is Amazing Now
The Steam Deck is already poised to launch with more perfectly playable games than the N64 had in its entire lifetime. But that’s not remotely the most interesting stat I dug up.
Of the currently 337 Verified games deemed perfectly playable on Steam Deck — a handheld console running Linux — 267 of those games never had a native Linux port. So, almost 80 percent of the games currently certified to run flawlessly on a handheld Linux game console were never even released for Linux.
I wrote about this in more detail here:
Linux Gaming Is Amazing Now, And This Steam Deck Stat Proves It
Open The Floodgates!
Banana For Scale
And two more fun little posts I’ve written just to close this out with some whimsy:
VERY Dedicated Fan Treats Steam Deck Like A Cartridge-Based Console
You’re Not Ready For These Surprising Steam Deck Comparison Photos
If you can’t get enough Steam Deck content, check out my dedicated category for Valve’s handheld console. And stay tuned for Episode 3 of Games For Everyone!
Take care, and take care of each other!
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