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10 Years of Product Thinking on WeChat & Big Announcement from Extra Buzz!

Dear Extra Buzzers,Happy Belated New Year!I have a very big announcement to make! You might have noticed that it's been a whole month since I last posted on here, so what have I been working on? Well ... we are remaking Extra Buzz! It will be a community / f…

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Extra Buzz #20: Internet Platforms: Antitrust Regulations are Here

Dear Tech Buzzers,Thanks so much for sticking with me through this year of experiments.  I’d be curious as to your thoughts on the newsletter and what you think of it, as I decide how to optimize my time.  As you can probably tell though, I am most interested…


Extra Buzz x BigOne Labs: Q3 2020 China Tech Trends, Tuesday Dec. 1

Dear Tech Buzzers,It's near the end of the year! We hope you're staying safe this holiday season despite the ever-present threat of COVID-19.As promised, we only use this mailing list sparingly to keep you updated on Tech Buzz announcements, and we have a liv…

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Extra Buzz #19: Ant Group: The Biggest IPO That Wasn’t

Dear Tech Buzzers,I’ve spent one entire week on the Ant Group IPO halt (partly also to avoid giving myself a heart attack following the US election) so that’s what this issue is about! I also wrote about the company for another publication (check out UK’s Tor…

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Extra Buzz #18: Single’s Day 2020 - Making the Biggest Even Bigger

Dear Extra Buzzers,Thanks for bearing with us as we continue to experiment here at Tech Buzz.  Our YouTube channel now has all of our existing content organized into playlists by theme (to make them easy to share with friends who might have a topic they’re in…

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Extra Buzz #17: Golden Week Grab Bag

Dear Extra Buzzers,I took the last week off and enjoyed some peace and quiet on Southern California beaches and in the desert as part of my first vacation since covid19 began.  It coincided with the mid-autumn festival and also the weeklong national holiday i…

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(Correction) Extra Buzz #16: JD Digits Joins the IPO Train

Sorry everyone for the confusion of the last email, which had multiple repeated paragraphs! My bad. Here is the right version ... !Dear Extra Buzzers,Hope you’ve had a chance to listen to our most recent podcast episode on Ant Group (fka Ant Financial), Aliba…

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Extra Buzz #15: Chinese Tech Cos: We Need to Streamline Scaling and Systematize Innovation

Dear Tech Buzzers,This newsletter is a bit different from prior ones. I’ve collected some of my notes for the ByteDance e-book I’m working on and tried to make a coherent piece out of one section where I’ve been spending the last few weeks: down a rabbit hole…

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Extra Buzz #14: How I’m Thinking about the TikTok / WeChat Bans

Dear Tech Buzzers,Most of this was written pre- Trump’s Executive Orders banning “transactions with” WeChat and ByteDance on Thursday. I was going to write on the bans but given their vagueness, it’s basically all speculation at this point how they will land …


Chinese Reactions to TikTok Ban

Dear Tech Buzzers,I’ve (not fully) given up on the long newsletter that I started writing two weeks ago about the US ban of TikTok, which is taking an excruciatingly long time to unfold versus the decisive India action in June, something I’ve also written abo…


ByteDance CEO Interview Continued ... and the Second Half of the (Chinese) Internet

Hi everyone!We're putting on two events that might be of interest to you and ask that you please forward to anyone else you think might benefit as well! THIS WEEK: Thursday July 16 Post-Covid Trends from alternative data company BigOne Labs and their data par…

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Extra Buzz #13: India vs. China

Dear Tech Buzzers,It’s been a few weeks since I last wrote … and so much has happened!  Last week was the Fourth of July holiday here in the US, which happened to coincide with a few home improvement emergencies for me, so while I had been wanting to comment …

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Extra Buzz #12: One Trillion Yuan ($136Bn) in 18ish Days

Hi Extra Buzzers,I hope everyone is doing well despite the continued turmoil -- covid19 related and otherwise -- in many parts of the world.  Here in San Mateo County in the Bay Area, where I am, nearly everything has reopened.  But nothing feels normal yet. …


Bytedance CEO: Platform Companies Have Social Responsibilities Just Like Public Utilities

Hey Tech Buzzers,We published a new podcast episode this week! It was an edited version of our interview with Shang Koo, CFO of m17.asia, the leading entertainment livestreaming platform in Japan and Taiwan. You should listen to it if you're interested in on…

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Extra Buzz #11: Kuaishou Strikes At Bytedance’s TikTok with Zynn

Hi Extra Buzzers,As mentioned, I’m making up for missing an Extra Buzz issue and so that’s why you’re getting me two weeks in a row!  This week is a good example of why I chose the initial biweekly format in the first place -- while there is always a ton of n…


Who is Zhang Yiming, CEO of Bytedance, Maker of TikTok?

Hey Tech Buzzers!First things first, we hope you're keeping safe with everything that's going on in the world, wherever you are. Second of all, we will be continuing to make what little difference we can in the world, which is to give you the context and ins…

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Extra Buzz #010: Bytedance Gets Its Own Captain Buzz Lightyear America

Dear Extra Buzzers,Many apologies for missing last week’s newsletter and also for the tardiness of this one! I was in the middle of a big move and grossly under-estimated how big of a feat it would turn out to be! Rather than send a half-assed newsletter, I t…

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Extra Buzz #9: Bilibili Breaks (Through) Chinese Internet

Hi Extra Buzzers,I mis-labeled the last newsletter as 007 when it was actually #008, so don’t worry, you haven’t missed anything, and this is indeed 009! Some light housekeeping to start --We had a great turnout for our latest happy hour, from FAANG to BAT wi…


Tech Buzz #66: Beyond Tik Tok: Bytedance’s Ambitions in Gaming and Education

You can listen to the newest episode at SupChina or in your podcast app. The transcript is below.Hey everyone! Some light housekeeping before we start. First of all, thanks everyone for taking the time to write us your feedback on our experimental episode on …

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Extra Buzz #7: Leo Chen of Jumei - From China Tech's Golden Boy to Has-Been

Hi Extra Buzzers,Another two weeks have zipped by and some of you have been presumably acclimating yourself to the “new normal” while the rest of us -- like myself here in California -- anxiously anticipate its arrival.  Until then, we continue to experiment …