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“Your goals are meant to honour you, not fix you.” 😍~Unknown

“Your goals are meant to honour you, not fix you.” 😍~Unknown
By Jessica L. Williams • Issue #266 • View online
Thank you so much for the messages, well wishes, and healing vibes. Grandma and I are both doing better. Now, if I could just get rid of this cough and headache… But I’m glad to be (hopefully) on the upswing of this virus.
While I had a bit of space, I revisited the work I did during Ruth Ridgeway’s Simple and Spacious workshop (which, if you are looking for a low-stress way to plan 2022, I highly recommend). Some things Ruth asked us to answer:
  • What do I want to do more of this year? Less of?
  • What are my biz goals for the year?
  • What are my life goals?
  • What is a guiding question for 2022?
  • How can I make self-care a priority?
  • What biz support do I need?
It was a very valuable exercise. And really, what I came up with were three main things I want to focus on in 2022.
💰 Personal Finance. 
I want to wrap my head around this more this year. So I signed up for this investing course which has already helped me realize that my first goal is to start building an emergency fund with three months of expenses. And this course so I can learn more about the world of decentralized finance.
📝 Content Marketing. 
I want to figure out a content marketing strategy that works for me. How can I repurpose content I already have? Where and what should I be posting on social media? How can I better use other distribution channels like LinkedIn and Medium? This course has gotten me thinking more about how I can show up.
💃🏽 Dancing
I say dancing here because it’s such a happy visual for me. And while this does encompass dance, it also reminds me to take breaks and prioritize self-care for myself. 
I also wrote down a few guiding questions for myself, but I think the one that I want to guide me is this:
How can I do less, better?
With all of that in mind, I wanted to bring a few things to your attention:
  • My #jesspicks reader survey is still open. If you haven’t had a chance yet, I would love to hear your plans for 2022 and figure out how I can best help you. And I’ve heard there is a fun surprise at the end. 😉
  • I’ve gotten some excellent feedback for my Tips for Starting a Curated Newsletter course. I am making it free to #jesspicks subscribers through the end of February (use code TBGVIP if needed). I’m thinking about retooling it this year, so in the meantime, if you’ve wanted to start a curated newsletter like mine, you can learn a lot in this 20-ish minute course.
  • Would you like to connect with other #jesspicks readers? Create your profile on Introsend and get an email introduction to another reader as early as next week! 
How can you do 2022 in a way that works for you?
On to the picks!

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#loves 😍
  • 🎧. Listening: Queens Cast. Loving the soundtrack of hip-hop songs from this new ABC series. Just a note: some songs are explicit but definitely head-boppy.
  • 📺. Watching: Wheel of TimeI finally got around to binging this fantasy series on Amazon. Light versus dark. Good versus evil. So good to lose yourself in a magical world when you’re feeling sick.
  • 💰. Tool: Swapstack. This platform connects newsletter writers (like us) with brands for sponsorship opportunities. I just confirmed one this week! They also launched a new Tip Jar (to get tips/donations from readers) feature on Product Hunt!
The Nap Ministry
You don’t give yourself enough credit for what you already know and what you can figure out.

There is so much wisdom inside you. Pause and listen.
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