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"You are worth the same kindness you extend to others." ~Morgan Harper Nichols

This week has had a lot of great things including boozy milkshakes to celebrate my bestie's birthday,
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"You are worth the same kindness you extend to others." ~Morgan Harper Nichols
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This week has had a lot of great things including boozy milkshakes to celebrate my bestie’s birthday, and the side hustle panel at Together Digital. Those are always fun for me and it’s so cool to see how many women are interested in starting and growing their side hustles. 💰
I’ve also been struggling a bit. I’m feeling pretty exhausted from everything - sometimes it’s hard being the always strong, dependable one in your family. Or feeling like you have to be. And I feel like everything from the funeral is slowly starting to hit me. Plus I’m still ramping up on my new role which has definitely brought up the impostor monsters. 🎭 And starting a new part-time role next week. So definitely feeling the overwhelm and the inner critic. But the first step is admitting it right? And realizing that I’m being really tough on myself, when I should give myself some grace.
Social media often makes us feel like everyone is doing so much better than us when oftentimes they are dealing with the same things we are. But since no one really talks about the bad stuff, everyone feels like they need to put their best self forward out there. I’m not sure how we fix it, because talking about bad stuff is hard. But I think that at least by being aware of it, we can give ourselves a little break for not being Instagram-perfect.
So that is my hope for you: If you are comparing yourself, or if you are feeling behind, or not good enough, or even just feeling a little scared, give yourself some grace. 🥰
This journey we are on is not easy, but we are doing something incredible by creating our own destinies through our side hustles or “bonus businesses” as I’ve started thinking of them thanks to my friend Mel. That in and of itself deserves celebration. 🥂 And the rest we’ll figure out. Together. 🙏🏽
On to the picks!
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