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“Who you are when you prioritize rest is the truth of who you really are.” 😴 Kandice N Cole

“Who you are when you prioritize rest is the truth of who you really are.” 😴 Kandice N Cole
By Jessica L. Williams • Issue #289 • View online
I’m taking some much-needed (and encouraged) time off from the job next week and planning to do some thinking about the rest of the year. I ran across an article in my archives that has some great questions for mid-year reflection. Here are a few of my answers: 
What were my goals at the beginning of the year? 
I did not set goals because that felt too heavy. Instead, I picked three focus areas for the year:
💰 Personal Finance. 
My plan: Learn more about investing and decentralized finance/web3 crypto and build a 3-month emergency fund.
How it’s going: I have started building my emergency fund! 💪🏾 I have almost two months saved. I haven’t done as much of the learning but hoping to see if there are 1-2 things I can do before the end of the year.
📝 Content Marketing. 
My plan: Figure out a content marketing strategy that works. How can I repurpose content? How can I use social media? Are there other distribution channels I should be using? How can I best show up?
How it’s going: With help from Alice, I am establishing more of a presence on Instagram, which is fantastic. I also got into an ad revenue-sharing program with Microsoft, and it’s nice to see my content on I am still thinking about other ways to show up and provide value.
💃🏽 Dancing. 
My plan: Take more breaks and prioritize self-care.
How it’s going: Dancing is good for my soul, so I try to go weekly. On weeks I’m unable to, I try to do a yoga class at least. With my shoulder issues, I have weekly appointments with PT/chiro, a self-care I didn’t realize I needed. I want to get better at taking breaks from work and adding more movement to my day. That’ll help with my neck/shoulder issues and overall health.
Are my goals the same—or have things changed?
I still feel good about my three focus areas for the year. So if anything, I want to continue my progress and find more ways to answer my guiding question for the year:
How can I do less, better?
Fill in the blank: “This year, one of the best decisions I made was _______.”
Hiring my VA Alice. She is a genius with graphics and helps me show up on Instagram and Facebook. Also, because I know she’s taking care of that piece, it gives me space to think about other things. It changes my thinking, too, because now I feel more open to seeing what else I can delegate. What are things that only I can do in my business? It has been a game-changer for me as an entrepreneur.
What’s something I definitely want to create, achieve, or experience before the end of this year?
This answer is where I could use YOUR help:
  • What are some goals you have for the rest of the year? What type of content would you like to see? 
  • What is your business’s #1 most pressing question/challenge right now?
  • What questions would you love to ask me?
I would love to understand your goals and struggles. So that I can curate the best resources or maybe even create something that will help you.
Hit reply and let me know. I’m all ears.
On to the picks! 

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  • 📺. Watching: Maggie. Is anyone else watching this cute new Hulu show? A psychic sees her future in the readings she’s doing for other people and tries to deal. 🔮 I’m about four episodes in and already rooting for the two main characters to become a couple. It’s a fun, lighthearted watch.
  • 🎧. Listening: Side Hustla! Podcasts. This Spotify playlist features podcast episodes helpful to us in building our part-time businesses. A few are there now, and the list will continue to be updated. I recently added one by Jon Acuff that covers how to charge more for your side hustle.
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