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"We grow fearless by walking into our fears." ~Robin Sharma

Guess what?!?! It's been ONE WHOLE YEAR since I started #jesspicks. 🙌🏾   This newsletter was my way t
#jesspicks 👩🏾‍💻
"We grow fearless by walking into our fears." ~Robin Sharma
By Jessica L. Williams • Issue #53 • View online
Guess what?!?! It’s been ONE WHOLE YEAR since I started #jesspicks. 🙌🏾   This newsletter was my way to stay in touch with you and do one thing for my side hustle on a consistent basis so Happy Anniversary dear readers. 🥂  Thank you so much for reading, sharing and being my source of inspiration.  Check out the very first issue.  
In other exciting news, I MET KELLY HOEY!!  Fear Paradox kicked off on Thursday night and I was able to meet the author of this amazing book I’m reading on building your dream network.  She crowned me President of her Fan Club because I did have a #fangirl moment, no joke.  You never know what’s just right around the corner. Or who you might meet. 😎
Speaking of Fear Paradox, it’s been a wonderful experience.  There’s nothing more incredible and inspiring than being surrounded by a room of powerful women.  If you want to see some of the learnings and quotes, definitely follow #fearparadox17 on Twitter and you’ll get some great nuggets.
I also did MY WORKSHOP (!!!) at the summit on “How to Make the Side Hustle Leap.”  It was sold-out which made me feel really good (and really nervous). But it also made me feel validated and reassured that there are women who need this information and want this help.  I had a blast doing it and can’t wait to do more in the future.
As part of my call to action for my workshop, I asked each person to email me 3 things that they would do in the next 7 days for their side hustle and I’ve already received a few responses.  
Now it’s your turn: What are 3 things YOU can do for your side hustle in the next 7 days?  These can even be baby steps (my fave).  Hit reply and let me know.  And if you need help figuring out your 3, I can help with that too! 
On to the picks for the week!
P.S.  You got this. Keep going. xo

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