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“We do what we can in small ways and that can be enough.” 💖~Gerard Phelan

“We do what we can in small ways and that can be enough.” 💖~Gerard Phelan
By Jessica L. Williams • Issue #249 • View online
Thanks to those of you who are interested in me doing something around creating a curated newsletter. I’m still noodling about the best way to approach that.
One thing I’m trying to think on here is,
How can this be easy?
Maybe it’s not even a course and can start as blog posts or tips included in this newsletter. Baby steps, right? 😉 On that note, is there a question you’ve always wanted to ask me about starting a newsletter? Or how I do #jesspicks? Hit reply and let me know. 
I watched Mara Glatzel’s From Safety to Celebration recording this week, and it was pretty awesome. My biggest takeaway is that self-care is not prescriptive in the sense that you can read a blog post, pick one thing out of the list, and then do it. But it’s more about responding to what you need at that moment. And this idea of meeting ourselves where we are.
Mara suggested that we check in with ourselves daily if possible and ask ourselves three questions:
Who am I? How am I?
What do I need right now?
What is one thing that I can do to support myself today?
I’ve done that a few times this week when I’ve been feeling overwhelmed or frustrated (caregiving is so hard, y’all - please hug the caregivers in your life). And sometimes that has looked like going to bed early, working out for a few minutes, heading outside for a walk, reading, downing a shot of tequila, working on a jigsaw puzzle, or watching The Nanny (I just discovered all seasons are on HBO Max 🎉).
Here’s to checking in with ourselves more. What do you need right now? And what is one thing you can do to support yourself today?
On to the picks!
P.S. I’m looking forward to the Online Business Playground Summit. It’s free and kicks off on 9/20 - over 30 speakers are covering unique, creative ways they run their businesses, and I’m here for it. You going?

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  • 📚. Reading: Paper Doll Lina. Lina thinks of her life as one of a paper doll. What others don’t know is that she has a really controlling and emotionally abusive husband. 😔 After connecting and re-connecting with friends, she starts wanting to change her circumstances. But it requires fighting back against her dangerous husband and rediscovering who she is. Such a powerful read that pulls on your heartstrings.
  • 📺. Watching: Clickbait. This guy gets kidnapped, and you see him in an online video with a sign saying he abused women. And at 5 million views, he will die. 😱 This show had me gripped from the beginning, and I finished all eight episodes in a day. And every time you think you know the answer, you don’t. If you have seen it, these tweets are sooo on point.
  • 📝. Tool: Twitter Thread Prompts. If you are looking for ideas on creating Twitter threads, here are 200 prompts to inspire you.
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Ok, wow. @anthilemoon's Out of Office auto-response is brilliant!

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Say No to Everything That’s Not Aligned With Your Essential Priorities
I Borrowed James Clear’s Instagram Strategy to Grow My Email Newsletter
  • 📺 [WATCH] I did a talk about the Side Hustle Generation as part of the National Urban League’s Digital Career Success Series.
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