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Want to make $600 in your side-hustle? 💰

One of the things I love about the #sidehustlelife is that it’s extra money -- on top of your day job
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Want to make $600 in your side-hustle? 💰
By Jessica L. Williams • Issue #52 • View online
One of the things I love about the #sidehustlelife is that it’s extra money – on top of your day job. 
That’s money for vacations, to help pay off student loans and to save up to go full time…if that’s what you want.
But a side hustle isn’t really a side hustle unless you are making $$.  And getting those first few sales is really hard. 
So how do you make those first few dollars in your side-hustle?
Here is a quick little activity I got from my gurl, Shenee Howard.
The first step is to get super clear on the type of problem you solve for people. What can you help people do? What is the one question someone has that you are the answer to?
Right now I would say that I help people start side hustles by working with them to find the hidden minutes in their day and to use technology as a way to stay connected and get things done.  But with the new side hustler focus, I’m trying to nail this down too.
A lot of time side-hustlers try to do a little bit of everything and that gets confusing for your potential clients and for you. Don’t I know it?
When you have that one thing you are focusing on, the path to your first few sales is easy. And that one thing also makes it easy for people to refer potential sales to you. 
This is just one of the tips Shenee will be sharing on her free webinar happening next week, which is all about making your first $600 in business.
I’m all about baby steps and before you can make six-figures or even five-figures, try three-figures!
It’s totally free and you can sign up for it here.  
P.S. You may be thinking, “Jess, you are sending me an email and it’s not a Saturday. Where’s my #jesspicks?”  They will be back on Saturday, I promise.  I’m committed to helping you start and build amazing side hustles so when I see really great opportunities, I want to highlight those for you.  If you want to see more emails like this, give me a thumbs up below.  xo

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