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updates and more #jesspicks

updates and more #jesspicks
By Jessica L. Williams • Issue #1 • View online
Getting the hang of a new job takes about a year I think. :)  I’m about 9 months in. So far I’m learning a lot and loving it but I haven’t been that attentive to you and for that, I truly apologize.
I have been doing some soul searching - really trying to get clearer on what I want to do with my business and how best I can help you be your most happy, amazing best self.  And I still haven’t figured it all out yet. 
But one thing that I really love to do is help connect people with resources and information that can help them get unstuck, move forward, or have some fun.  So that is what I want to focus on right now. 
I’m taking the concept of #jesspicks and blowing it out a little bit and do them weekly.  I will hand-pick 5 things (articles, posts, songs, tools, coloring books, etc.) that I’ve come across during the week. Things that will help you build your side hustle, be more productive, or have more fun and you can read them with your Saturday morning coffee.  
And I’m trying this new Revue tool to send them out so yay for new tools!
If you want to suggest things I should include in future issues or topics you want to hear more about, email me and let me know. And if this new shift is not feeling good to you, please feel free to unsubscribe. I’ll still love you. <3 
My mission is to make your week a little less overwhelming and a little more fun.
On to the first issue of #jesspicks!

Want to get your little one (or yourself) into coding?
GoldieBlox’s new kids app aims to inspire the next generation of female coders  |  TechCrunch
This post is a must read.
How to Stop Beating Yourself Up Over Just About Everything | Positively Positive
Side hustles aren't just about making extra $$.
Millennials are obsessed with side hustles because they’re all we’ve got | Quartz
I've got a #songcrush...
Burn | Ellie Goulding
And speaking of songs, "this is for my girls..."
First Lady Michelle Obama Carpool Karaoke | YouTube
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