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"Take notice of what light does - to everything." ~Tess Guinery

I got an awesome surprise this week from my gurl and fellow coach friend Erin. It was great validati
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"Take notice of what light does - to everything." ~Tess Guinery
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I got an awesome surprise this week from my gurl and fellow coach friend Erin. It was great validation that life is on the right track even though at some moments it feels very unpredictable and uncomfortable.
Maybe it’s because with the exception of a few months, I’ve always had a full time job for the past 16 years. And living in this awesome but not yet financially stable #cobberlife is tough. BUTTTT I am so much happier. I feel more creative and more myself than I have in a long time. As I have been in situations where having a side hustle has been a thorn to my employer. And right now, I feel like I can be my full multi-dimensional self. I think it’s really awesome too that the boss at my main role (hi Christine!) is super supportive and accepting of all of my other pursuits. #gamechanger
In other news, I had sessions with three side hustlers this week! In a word: awesome. I forgot how much I love doing those types of sessions where I’m helping to support, giving ideas, cheerlead and really just be a thought partner in their efforts. So now I’m decompressing and thinking through the offer to see how it can be revised or improved. Stay tuned for more on that in the coming weeks. All in all, things are falling into place and life is really good!
On to the picks!

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