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“Success is reaching one person on a deep level on a given day. Anything more is a bonus.” 🌟~Arlan Hamilton

“Success is reaching one person on a deep level on a given day. Anything more is a bonus.” 🌟~Arlan Hamilton
By Jessica L. Williams • Issue #248 • View online
I enjoyed the side hustle workshop I did a few weeks ago and am curious to see if I can pull out some content from it to use in other ways. I am also playing with the idea of possibly getting a V.A. to help with some things. TBD on that one. The reply to this tweet was eye-opening, so I’m thinking about it.
Anyhoo…during the workshop, we spent time covering how to balance your side hustle with your day job. I shared a few of these tips on the call and thinking about turning these (and possibly more) into a blog post:
  • Try a 90-minute workday for side hustle tasks. Do four 15-minute sessions, focus on your time-sensitive projects for that first hour, and dedicate the remaining 30 minutes to noncritical tasks.
  • Schedule your most creative tasks at the time of day you are most productive. You an early bird? Night owl? Afternoon enthusiast?
  • “The power of three will set you free.” (do you get that reference?). Each day, choose the three most important things you need to get done.  
  • Batch similar tasks whenever you can (think meetings, blogging, social media). This cuts down on context switching, which can be exhausting.
  • Put everything in your calendar. If it’s not in my calendar, it’s not real. (and also, I can’t rely on my brain to remember things.)
  • Set a theme for your days. Monday could be your admin day, Tuesday could be for learning, Wednesday for outreach, Thursday for meetings, and so on.
  • Are there things you can outsource? Maybe a V.A. can help with managing email or creating graphics? Can you use services like Instacart to save time? 
  • Use music to get you in work mode. If you like lyrics, try the Side Hustla! playlist. If not, maybe try some piano covers (this is a fave of mine).
  • Tune out the noise. Put your phone and laptop on Do Not Disturb. Close all social media (it’s a black hole, trust me) and only have the tabs and applications open that you need.
  • If you can, handle emails only once. Then reply, archive, or turn it into a task for yourself.
  • Have grace with yourself. Some days the job will be a priority; some days, the business, and other days YOU will need to be the focus. Side hustling is a difficult journey, and it’s not so much about balancing but integrating all of the pieces and understanding that some days your best will look different.
Which one of these tips can you try today? What other tips have helped you balance your business/passion project with your job or other commitments?
On to the picks!
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  • 📚. Reading: The Money TreeThis book popped back up on my radar. And I thought it was worth re-including (is that a word?) It tells the story of Jake, who is in danger of losing everything: his job, his apartment, his girlfriend. And how that sets him on the path to start learning about creating a side hustle for himself. So many great actionable lessons for creating financial freedom.
  • 📺. Watching: Choices. Such an incredible video about the power of choices and habits. Saw this in the For the Interested newsletter.
  • 📝. Tool: MOFT Laptop StandI was having issues with my wrists while working from home during this pandemic and wondered if raising my laptop would help. This stand has been excellent, and I love how portable it is. It sticks to the bottom of my Macbook. Thanks for the reco Lynn!
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  • 📺 [WATCH] I did a talk about the Side Hustle Generation as part of the National Urban League’s Digital Career Success Series.
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