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"Stay close to anything that makes you glad to be alive." 💃🏽 ~Hafiz

Happy 2020! New year. New decade. All the freshness right? And a tiny bit of pressure too, no? Everyo
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"Stay close to anything that makes you glad to be alive." 💃🏽 ~Hafiz
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Happy 2020! New year. New decade. All the freshness right? And a tiny bit of pressure too, no? Everyone is asking me about goals and resolutions and I’m just not quite ready. Sure, I’ve been thinking about it - even did a personal 2019 review and started jotting down some thoughts for 2020. But I’m not ready to share yet. I think it’s because of this.
So my plan is to ease into the year and really see how January goes before I set goals. If I set goals. Maybe I’ll be goal-less? 🤷🏾‍♀️ I’m giving myself some grace and time to see what happens. I do feel good about declaring a word for the year though: Build. 2019 had a lot of change, ups and downs, and loss. But at the core of it all, I feel like I created a good foundation in a lot of areas. So I want to build on those things. How? I’m not sure yet, but that’s where the grace comes in. 😉
In other life news, I am really excited to be doing FEAR EXPERIMENT AGAIN. 🙌🏾 And I will be dancing. A lot of folks questioned why I would do the same art form again, which made me second-guess a bit. But after doing our first rehearsal this week, it brought it all back. Dancing is just sooo good for my soul. 💃🏽 And it’s not just the routine and the awesome Broadway songs. It’s our choreographer, who is so great and hilarious and talented. It’s the people I’m on this dancing journey with who are just as scared and nervous and excited as I am. And that’s what bonds us. It’s the process of laughing at ourselves and being proud for doing this uncomfortable but gratifying thing.
And as our producer Saya reminds, it’s about the experience of this 10 weeks, more so than the results. And last but certainly not least, it’s something just for me. It’s not for my job, for my biz, related to my caregiver responsibilities or anyone else. It’s just for Jess. And to reference this issue’s quote, it makes me feel alive. So save the date for 3/21 and stay tuned for more deets…
On to the picks!
P.S. Thank you so much for your feedback and ideas that you shared in the #jesspicks survey. 💖I am holding space for those as I let 2020 plans simmer. And major congrats to Hastie for winning the gift card! 👏🏾

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