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"Only you can control your future." ~Dr.Seuss

This week we launched our FIFTH cohort of WiSTEM - super exciting!!  We have 13 amazing companies tha
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"Only you can control your future." ~Dr.Seuss
By Jessica L. Williams • Issue #52 • View online
This week we launched our FIFTH cohort of WiSTEM - super exciting!!  We have 13 amazing companies that were accepted and I’m personally looking forward to working with them and helping them up-level their businesses over the next 12 weeks.  ALSO as part of day one, I got to wear a GoPro on my head (it was the weirdest and funnest thing ever) while high-fiving the cohort members. All in all, a great first day. 🙌🏾
I’m feeling a little bit better - I’m done with my antibiotics (yay) but still feeling really wiped out.  So I am starting to be more mindful about my buckets and saying no to things that don’t directly serve them for now.  And I’m even limiting my evening activities for awhile too as part of this recharge.  It might be time to try looking into some more holistic remedies and things I can do (according to my friend Jamie) so will look into that too. 
User testing is coooolllll you guys - I did three assignments this week and I have to say they were pretty fun. If you are looking for a way to earn some extra cash, do it!   One of the sites where you can apply to be a tester is here.
In other experiment news, I sent an email the other day about a free workshop to help you make your first $600 as a side hustler. I was a little nervous about it (because I haven’t sent a non-Saturday email in a long time 😮) but it was well-received 😎  so I’ll think about doing more in the future to highlight upcoming workshops, courses or other things that may be of interest. 
My focus for the rest of the week has been about getting organized, both mentally and digitally. Thanks to this article, I am giving meditation another go using this newer tool called Simple Habit.  So far, so good. I love that I can do a walking meditation on my way to work or do one while commuting on the bus - with my eyes wide open.
What are some of your best tips for focusing and being productive? Are there any expectations that you’ve had to manage or adjust?  Hit reply and let me know. 
On to the picks for the week!
P.S. I discovered this girl power playlist this week!  So good.

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