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"Little things, make big days." ~Isabel Marant

This week has really forced me to take a bit of a pulse on where I am. I look back at where I was thi
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"Little things, make big days." ~Isabel Marant
By Jessica L. Williams • Issue #55 • View online
This week has really forced me to take a bit of a pulse on where I am. I look back at where I was this time last year and I know that I’ve grown so much.  I’m a little more confident.  I’m a little bit better at standing up for myself.  I’m a little more likely to have the uncomfortable conversations because I know that they need to happen. I’m a little bit more likely to say no when my values or my integrity is feeling stepped on.  
At one point this week, I was able to pause before saying yes to something and consider whether it was 1) something I wanted to do and 2) aligned with my current goals.  In the past, it would have been an automatic yes.  It feels really good to be more thoughtful and intentional about what I do. Baby steps.
One project I’ve been doing for the past week is the Extreme Traffic Adventure.  It’s a free 30-day challenge hosted by Michelle Shaeffer.  She sends you action items every day that’ll take you 15 minutes or less with the goal of doubling your blog traffic.  Super fun and manageable.  It’s been really helpful in giving me ideas for other ways to promote my blog posts going forward. 
I spent yesterday afternoon with my sister and nephew - it’s always a great time.  We hung out, talked and listened to the munchkin blow raspberries (his new thing which is adorable) and had a blast.  Oftentimes we forget that life really is about family and friends and showing up.  It’s about being present and being all in. And on the flip side knowing that your people love you and have your back always.  It’s not about big extravagant gestures. It’s the little things and the quiet moments that really make a difference.  
On to the picks for the week!
P.S.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend full of amazing little things. ❤️

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