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“Let’s go back to simplicity, I feel like I’ve been missing me.” 🌝 ~Jess Glynne

“Let’s go back to simplicity, I feel like I’ve been missing me.” 🌝 ~Jess Glynne
By Jessica L. Williams • Issue #239 • View online
Editor note: Hi lovelies! I’m trying something new and I’m calling it: #guestpicks. 🎉
This is a special issue guest-edited and curated by my fabulous self-care coach Kandice Cole. Enjoy!
Hey y’all! 👋🏾 I’m Kandice Cole, and I am excited to be doing the first #guestpicks ever! No pressure, right?
To be honest, I am still feeling the residual effects of mercury retrograde/full moon energy. For the past couple of weeks, my mind has felt foggy. Juggling #momlife and #entrepreneurlife, has left me feeling especially busy this week.
Thankfully, I am learning to notice my overwhelm cues (for me: procrastination, not being able to focus, and laughing less) more quickly and giving myself what I need. Viewing myself with curiosity rather than shame has been such an important part of my self care. These kinds of days (and weeks) happen. It is important that I give myself extra love along the way.
So, how do I practice self care when my calendar is limited with time for me? I am loving the time I have and getting creative about making space for myself.
Right now, that looks like giving myself more than enough time to get a task done. Instead of promising something in two days, I ask for a week. Instead of allotting 20 minutes to something, I am giving myself 45-60 minutes. This gives me space to breathe, plus it allows my brain time to process in the midst of all the fogginess, which I know will eventually pass.
If you find yourself in a place of overwhelm, know that it is okay. Even if you can’t magically clear your calendar, consider where you can give yourself room. Take several small breaks during the day. Give yourself more time on deadlines that are in your control. You might consider rescheduling a call. Prioritize the top 3 things you must do. Then, focus on getting those things done and make peace with the non-priority things taking more time. 
Be curious about what you need and give to yourself generously.
On to the picks!

Note: This email may contain affiliate links. If you click through my link and make a purchase, that means I may receive “thank you money” at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products that I use and love.  
I am writing a book about self care called Self Care All The Time! It’s a practical guide for busy women who want to create consistent, sustainable self-care practices in everyday life. I am using a cool platform called Publishizer that lets me crowdfund pre-orders of my book to get the attention of publishers. And there are special bonuses, too! I have almost one hundred pre-orders! Pre-order your copy now! 
#loves 😍
  • 📺. Watching: High on the Hog. This Netflix series has me learning so much and also salivating over all the good food. High on the Hog series sheds light on how African American cuisine has influenced so much of what is considered American cuisine. If you are a fan of history + food, then you will love this.
  • 🎥. Tool: Loom. I recently started using Loom with clients. You can record and send short videos. You can also share a screen and explain something (i.e., how to find something on your website, etc.), which is faster and more efficient than making a phone call or sending a long email.
K A R M A  B L I S S
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