By Jessica L. Williams

"Let me radiate only love only light only healing." ~Xan Oku





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"Let me radiate only love only light only healing." ~Xan Oku
By Jessica L. Williams • Issue #158 • View online
Happy November! We have less than two months left in this decade. This decade folks! Isn’t that wild? 😜
This week me and my friend Shenee chatted a lot about feelings and how that creates our reality. And how when we feel good about things, good things happen. I have had episodes where I beat myself up about what’s going on, and then I just feel bad. But the times when I accept what’s going on, do what I can to change it and truly trust that good things will happen, they really do. I know. It’s a bit woo for sure but it reminds me of the story in The Alchemist (great read!!) and how when you want to achieve something and you take action, the universe conspires with you to help you achieve that thing. Definitely taking those thoughts into this new month as I start to wind down the year and dream & scheme for 2020. I was already invited to participate in something awesome next year which was a total “hell yes” moment so I am also really pumped about that.
How about you? What action can you take? What good feelings can you celebrate? What can you accept that can help you move forward?
In the spirit of moving forward, I know a bunch of you are here because you are looking for help starting a side hustle. I got you covered. I created a side hustle checklist! As my loyal readers, you get to see it first! Download it here. Let me know what you think.
On to the picks!
P.S. Don’t forget to “fall back” with your clocks tonight!

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#loves 😍
  • 🎧 Margaritas & Donuts - yes I actually like margaritas and donuts but thanks to my gurl Shenee, I discovered this new audio fiction show. It’s about this woman Josephine who is looking for love and she may have found it an unexpected place. It’s like a rom com podcast.
  • 💻 Shift - This has become one of my must-have apps - it helps me manage all of my Gmail/Slack/Asana accounts, but this week I also added in a few other apps like Pipedrive, Buffer and Feedly. ALSO helps a ton when I am on my Windows laptop at job #2 and need to pop in to do a little #sidehustle work on my lunch break. 🙌🏾
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Nneka M. Okona 🇳🇬
I’ve realized the past six months especially the importance of saying no to the things that you’re lukewarm about. Like things that come your way and seem alright, okay or dope even but you’re not dazzled about. For me I like to hold out for the great and not just the good.
Definitely was reminded of this this week.
Definitely was reminded of this this week.
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