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#jesspicks - Issue #9

This week has been awesome and busy.  I went to the shop and got my hair twisted (look!) which took a
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#jesspicks - Issue #9
By Jessica L. Williams • Issue #9 • View online
This week has been awesome and busy.  I went to the shop and got my hair twisted (look!) which took about 7 hours but it’s new and fun and totally feels like a fresh start.  Hello Jess 2.0! :)  
I saw Suicide Squad finally: loved it.  And the soundtrack: loved it. I’m not sure why I went in with such low expectations but mom and I give it two thumbs way up.  Also Harley Quinn was our favorite character. 
My LinkedIn workshop recap post in last week’s issue has received over 70 shares on social media - WHAT!  It’s the highest share count of any of my posts ever.  That makes me feel good (and makes me dance in my chair) because I know a lot of people need the info so I’m super duper happy it’s getting out there.
In other news, I am soaking up all of the info I can on content curation and researching how other folks do it so I can get better.  I really do love finding the best picks for you every week so I hope you find them inspirational, actionable and fun.  
How was your week?  See any good movies? Any new things or fresh starts for you?  Hit reply and let me know. 
On to the picks for the week!
P.S. Totally loving this new version of True Colors.  

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“There are always going to be reasons to doubt your own worth; the question is, how far do you allow yourself to go down that road before you look up and realize that, just like that girl in the ruby-red slippers, you had the power to come home all along?” ~Sara Bareilles
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Jessica L. Williams

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