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"It's not too late to write your best story." 📝 ~Bryan Hutchinson

It’s almost the end of June...can you believe it?  How are your big goals going for the year? It’s o
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"It's not too late to write your best story." 📝 ~Bryan Hutchinson
By Jessica L. Williams • Issue #139 • View online
It’s almost the end of June…can you believe it?  How are your big goals going for the year?
It’s okay if you haven’t gotten as far as you wanted. That’s pretty common for most goals. We set them and then life happens: 🙈
  • You have a big move.
  • Work gets crazy.
  • You get sick and your whole schedule gets knocked off.  Been there.
So much can happen and before you know it, July is here and you haven’t made it as far as you thought you would.  
I am right there with you.  While I had plans to write twice a month and really get into a bit of a routine, life and everything else seemed to get in the way.  Some months I was able to meet my goals, others I just couldn’t seem to get into a groove. Can you relate?
This week, I was able to sit down and write some answers to journaling questions. By hand.  ✍🏾 Afterward, my hand hurt and I had flashbacks to taking all the notes in school. But I did it - and it felt really good.
Now I’m not saying that I am gonna write every day, but I took a baby step, which is a start.  And I realized that I missed writing with just a pen and a notebook, so I may need to add that to my process.
How about you? How are those side hustle goals coming? Can you take a baby step this week to get closer to achieving them?
With that in mind, I’ve created something special for you: the Side Hustle Mentorship program.  You and I work together for 30 days to on your side hustle.  It kicks off with a 60-minute call where we’ll set a plan for the next month. Then you’ll have audio and text message access to me for any questions, pep talks or advice while you are working your plan.  Side Hustle BFF in your pocket! 🦸🏾‍♀️
It may seem late in the year but if you’re still excited to start your side hustle and pursue that writing, coaching or speaking business that’s been on your mind, now is the time…
You can learn more about the Side Hustle Mentorship program here. I have 3 spots available for July.  If you have any questions about it, hit reply!
On to the picks!

Note: This email may contain affiliate links. If you’re wondering what that means —> If you click through my link and make a purchase that means I may receive “thank you money” at no additional cost to you. I recommend products that I use and love.  
What I'm Loving 😍
Adding this new section to share 1-3 things I’m crushing on every week aside from the articles. Let me know what you think!
  • 📚 Strange the Dreamer: I’m reading this fiction book with my gurl Shenee and the writing is so good, it is like stepping into a fun fantasy movie.
  • 💰 Rakuten: This Chrome extension helps me earn cash back when I’m shopping online ($8 this week after buying a domain on GoDaddy). You get $10 after you join and shop for the first time.
  • 🎧 My Own Hero: Digging this new single by Andy Grammer.
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