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"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door." ~Milton Berle

This week I upped my video game a bit.  I ordered a microphone and a LED light from Amazon - my versi
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"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door." ~Milton Berle
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This week I upped my video game a bit.  I ordered a microphone and a LED light from Amazon - my version of a video starter kit. 📹  I wanted to be able to buy equipment that I could use with my Macbook and the Quicktime software.  Check out my scrappy video setup.   I can already tell that the lighting and sound is so much better in the latest video that I recorded. 💪🏾
In other news, in working through some of the assignments for the latest Woo Boss Collective Retreat, I’m starting to think through the reasons why someone would shine a “bat signal” to get my help.  I realized that a lot of people ask me how I’m able to run on the side while working my day job.  They want to start their own creative side hustles but feel completely stuck or overwhelmed on how to get started and where to find the time. So I help them to start thinking through how they can fit the biz into their day along with the technology tools that can help automate things like social media or scheduling.  More work to be done on that for sure but my next step is to figure out how I can incorporate some of these ideas into my home page and my offerings.
Tonight, I’m attending a Supper Club event hosted by an amazing woman, Saya Hillman.  Saya has a knack for creating unconventional and fun opportunities to get awesome people together.  It’s like un-networking.  She has hand-picked the guests for the dinner and I’m super excited to meet some new people and try some new food. So more on that next week! Have a wonderful weekend!
How about you? In what situations would someone shine a bat signal for you?  Are you getting out of your comfort zone this week?  Hit reply and let me know.  
On to the picks for the week!

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