By Jessica L. Williams

“I’d like to fly far away from here where my mind can be fresh and clear.” 🦋 ~Commodores





“I’d like to fly far away from here where my mind can be fresh and clear.” 🦋 ~Commodores
By Jessica L. Williams • Issue #234 • View online
Many of us feel overwhelmed right now for various reasons, whether we are getting new clients, trying to launch offers, learning new technologies, figuring out when to mask, or just trying to manage ALL THE THINGS.
During these times, rest and self-care are essential. Here are a few of my favorite ways to recharge:
  • 😴 Sleep (and take lots of naps)
  • 📚 Read fiction (it’s a way to escape the world for a bit)
  • ☀️ Spend time outside (walking or soaking up the sun)
  • 🧘🏾‍♀️ Do a Chorus meditation (the 10-minute on-demand ones are a fave)
  • 🧩 Work on jigsaw puzzles (I can spend hours on these)
Thanks to my friend Lauren, I just started a new puzzle based on this print by Jennifer Price Davis. She once “dreamed of a sea turtle swimming in the sky” and named the print after Zoom, a song by the Commodores (think Lionel Richie!). It felt like a great sentiment for this week:
Oh, I’d like the greet the sun each morning
And walk amongst the stars at night
I’d like to know the taste of honey in my life, in my life
Well, I’ve shared so many pains
And I’ve played so many games
Oh, but everyone finds the right way
Oh, Zoom
I’d like to fly far away from here
Where my mind can be fresh and clear
And I’ll find the love that I long to see
People can be what they wanna be
I hope that during this time, you remember to give yourself grace and lots of breaks. We will eventually emerge from this cocoon and fly away. 🦋
In the meantime, trust that the work will get done. Trust that the answers will come. Trust that you will be able to figure it out. Trust the process.
But first, we rest.
On to the picks!

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  • 🧃. Drinking: RecessSparkling water that keeps you calm and helps you focus. My sidekick for the last few days. They have a version with hemp (fave: Black Cherry) and a newer version with magnesium (fave: Strawberry Rose or the packets!).
  • 🎧. Listening: Little Voice soundtrack. This remains one of my favorite TV show soundtracks. This Apple TV show is about a young woman struggling to find her voice. The music, written by Sara Bareilles, is incredible. “It’s just my little voice that I’ve been missing….”
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