By Jessica L. Williams

“Get up offa that thing and dance til you feel better.” 💃🏽 ~James Brown





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“Get up offa that thing and dance til you feel better.” 💃🏽 ~James Brown
By Jessica L. Williams • Issue #261 • View online
This week has been A LOT. By Wednesday evening, I had written this because #caregiverlife, my BeMoved sensual salsa class came right on time (thanks, Jennifer!), and I had some bourbon-infused ice cream. We do what we can, right? #selfcare
In business news, I’m pretty pumped to announce that Lizzy’s Christmas Party is LIVE and in full effect. 
Who is Lizzy and why does she have a Christmas party?
Last year, Lizzy Goddard, one of my business mentors, had a fun idea for Christmas. The fun idea was a Christmas Party with ‘Goody Bags’ made up of her clients’ courses, trainings, and digital products. 
If you don’t know Lizzy, here’s the scoop:
  • She’s always showcasing and promoting her clients and students. 
  • She loves to experiment with different things in her business. 
  • She’s pretty awesome!
Because the party was such a huge success, she’s doing it again! Yay for experiments! 🧪
She’s had over 240 people respond, offering their amazing digital products for the goody bags. And I’m one of them! 🙋🏾‍♀️
So what is it?
Here are the deets:
🛍️ Regular Goody Bag (Free)200+ products usually sold for $1 - $100. 
I bet there are at least 1-3 products in there you’ll be happy to grab, including my Tips for Starting a Curated Newsletter mini-course. A few I’ve already signed up for: 
  • The Anti-Planning Workshop
  • Spoonful of Fitness
  • The Astrology of 2022 - Year Ahead Forecast and Planning Event
  • Chatbot Starter Kit
🛍️ Premium Goody Bag ($100)80+ products usually sold for $101 - $500. I did not grab this one yet, but these products look interesting:
  • 12 Month Membership to The Introvertpreneur Club
  • Stop Spinning Your Wheels & Learn How To Repurpose Content The Smart Way
  • Find (& Own!) Your Superpowers
You can grab one or both of the Goody Bags until Thursday, December 9th. So get in on it before the offers disappear!
And…why am I doing this?
I like to be as transparent as possible in this space. I’ve followed Lizzy for a bit, and I think my first purchase of hers was The Lazy Guide to Affiliate Marketing. What? You can be lazy about affiliate marketing? Sign me up! 😉. Since then, she has challenged what I thought online business could look like and has helped me rethink some of my plans and offers.
I participated in the Christmas party last year and was able to add 200+ subscribers to #jesspicks which was terrific. Sometimes getting in front of other people’s audiences is a great tactic to grow. I’ve had over 50 people sign up for my curated newsletter mini-course and looking forward to seeing more. If I can help more people see a curated newsletter as an option for them even with a busy lifestyle, that would make me incredibly happy.
If you have any questions about the party, why I’m participating, or my course, please reply and let me know.
On to the picks!
P.S. Thanks for answering last week’s poll. I like the idea of polls, but I am not sure if I am a fan of that particular tool. May experiment with something else in the new year.

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#loves 😍
  • 🎧. Listening: 2021 WrappedThe best time of year is here because Spotify tells us all about our musical selves. If you haven’t gotten yours yet, do it! My top artists were Taylor Swift, Alessia Cara, Demi Lovato, Sara Bareilles, and P!nk. #1 song was What Other People Say by Sam Fischer and Demi Lovato. How about you?
  • 📺. Watching: The Princess Switch trilogy. I’m a fan of Vanessa Hudgens, and I loved the first Princess Switch movie. Plot: “Competing in a Christmas baking competition in Belgravia, a Chicago baker bumps into the prince’s fiancée–who looks just like her. They switch lives for two days.” I had heard not-so-great things about the second movie, so I didn’t watch it but heard that the third movie was good. I decided to have a marathon this past weekend, and it was glorious. I agree that the first and third movies are the better ones. If you are looking for a happy, wholesome Christmas movie, add these to your list. 👸🏾🎄
  • 📚. Reading: The Surrogate’s Gift. This could have easily been a Lifetime movie. Psychological thriller, but basically, this woman agrees to have a 
ig: @yagirlaley 📌
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