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“Better to do a little well than a great deal badly.” 🤔~Socrates

“Better to do a little well than a great deal badly.” 🤔~Socrates
By Jessica L. Williams • Issue #250 • View online
Shout out to Julie Troop for buying me coffee this past week! ☕️ Thank you!
I was listening to a video from Greg McKeown during his Design Your Life Effortlessly Challenge. And he said a sentence that I’ve been chewing on ever since:
“Do not do more today than you can recover from today.”
And I can’t get it out of my head. I’m not sure what it means to me. But it must be staying with me for a reason. Maybe a sign of slowing down, doing less, and checking in with myself and my needs more.
It might also be a sign to give Essentialism a re-read. :) 
In other news, happy 250th issue of #jesspicks. 🥳 It blows my mind that I’ve been writing this newsletter every week for five years. I had no idea when I started it how much it would change my life and how many opportunities it would create. I’m feeling #blessed and so thankful to you for reading, sharing, buying coffees, and giving me gentle nudges to continue doing this work.
Sometimes we can do something for so long, and we’re not sure that it matters. But even if you are not getting comments or replies, know that people are watching, learning, and being inspired by you. Keep at it. 
Keep going. The world needs your voice. 🤗
I’m off to don my dancing shoes and get ready for my Fear Experiment performance tonight. 💃🏾 Wish me luck!
On to the picks!
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#loves 😍
  • 📚. Reading: We Should All Be Millionaires. Just started this one this week. Rachel Rodgers shares the lessons she learned as she has built her own 7 figure business and helped others do the same. So far, it’s interesting how much of how we feel about money can be affected by our childhood experiences.
  • 📺. Watching: Harry and Meghan Lifetime moviesI knew the broad strokes of the Harry and Meghan story, but it was nice to see their romance from the beginning, the marriage, Meghan’s transition into the royal family. I still need to watch the recent “Escaping the Palace” one that came out on Labor Day.
  • 👖.Tool: StitchFix. As I’ve started getting out of the house more, I love the ability to ask my stylist for specific recommendations (like black jeans or sandals). And they do their best to accommodate. It makes shopping for clothes so easy. And I love that they send me things I’d never buy for myself, but it’s usually a great look. Here’s $25 if you want to give it a try!
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  • 📺 [WATCH] I did a talk about the Side Hustle Generation as part of the National Urban League’s Digital Career Success Series.
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