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Let me Google the future of payments for you

October 30 · Issue #56 · View online
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Ant Financial Alipay’s play on tourist’s payments
Ant Financial, Alibaba’s financial arm, recently hired a Goldman Sachs partner to lead international growth. And growth it is finding with payments as it follows the 120 million Chinese tourists who venture off the mainland.
John Sculley on what banks have to learn from Kodak
At last week’s Money 20/20 conference, attendees were treated to an interesting keynote from John Sculley of Apple and Pepsi fame. Sculley, who’s also vice chairman of alt credit provider, Lantern Credit, thinks it’s a great time to be a fintech disrupter.
Googling the future of payments
When Google’s head of payments was growing up in India, he first witnessed the power of invisible payments. He could shop and walk out of his local store without paying – his parents would settle up later. Now, he wants the same type of frictionless experience for Google products.
Tradestreaming Money 2016, coming November 14
Join Tradestreaming November 14 for Money 2016
We’ll explore what top financial firms are doing to create new digital products, hire top talent, and stay competitive. It’s turning into the premier top-tier digital financial services event of the year.
Just added:  A session on top financial talent. We just got Evan Anger, SVP of recruiting for top hedge fund, Two Sigma, to talk about how his firm recruits (and retains) top talent.
Learn from top digital execs at Citi, Fidelity, NYLife, CSFB, Vanguard, US Bank, MIT, BBVA, Cornerstone Advisors, Two Sigma, and QED Investors.
We still have a few complimentary tickets for readers of the newsletter – use ZACKVIP to claim your ticket. Go get more info and register.
What so many financial firms get wrong with innovation
There’s a rush to get innovation right in the financial sector, but first principles dictate that you first have to determine what innovation is. Joel Albarella, head of NY Life Ventures, defines innovation for Tradestreaming and why so many firms just don’t get it.
Healing marketplace lending’s hangover
The raging kegger is over for online lending. Tradestreaming’s Gidon Belmaker says the party is still on, and it will take time for these businesses to diversify their sources of capital. But it’s happening.
Fintech and credit unions learn from each other
Fintech’s focus on the customer is having an impact on credit unions, but could the influence also be happening in the other direction? It seems that the future looks better when both sides learn from one another.
Community banks combine digital with community involvement
Smart community banks really understand their constituencies. That means they’re marketing more digitally. The days of placing ads in the local newspaper and hoping people see it and will come in to the branch are gone.
And the award goes to…the blockchain
Tradestreaming’s Josh Liggett reviews the new TechCrunch series on the blockchain. Spoiler: Trust Disrupted: Bitcoin and the Blockchain is actually an enjoyable, informative watch.
Top 5 fintech baby names
Banks are launching lots of new products and surprisingly, they all seem to be named after people. Tradestreaming’s Hadas Tayeb has the story and some of this year’s best new financial product names.
Shocking news: Mobile payments aren’t growing
The future may be digital payments but the present certainly isn’t. At least at the POS. A new Accenture survey showed that year over year, there’s been no growth in mobile payments in-store.
WTF is the MCX?
When it launched, the MCX was full of promise for retailers looking to do an end-around of the credit card firms and those pesky interchange fees. Now, well, we’ll see.
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