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Is the "Bank of Amazon" really a threat?

Have we reached peak fintech apps? Fintech appocalypse? Maybe, maybe not, but with so many me-too app
July 2 · Issue #89 · View online
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Have we reached peak fintech apps? Fintech appocalypse? Maybe, maybe not, but with so many me-too apps out there, it’s clear that few entrepreneurs are really attacking the core problem of finance – infrastructure. Maybe it’s just too big of a hairball to fix.
– Zack Miller, founder, Tearsheet

How Citi and Wells Fargo are creating cultures of innovation
It’s hard to steer a massive ship and even harder to rebuild corporate culture. Here are two senior execs tasked with innovation at their firms and the challenges and opportunities they face in planning for the future
‘We don’t need another fintech app’
Too many fintech investments are going create new consumer products instead of actually fixing the financial system. Here’s why investors are looking at financial infrastructure plays.
How much of a threat to finance is a ‘Bank of Amazon’?
Amazon definitely knows how to keep customers happy and that’s why a move deeper into financial services scares the pants off of some industry analysts. But not everyone thinks Amazon is serious about moving into banking
More than a cash dispenser
While Bank of America, Chase and Wells Fargo are all upgrading their ATMs to make them accessible without cards, other banks are starting to rethink the ATM.
Why some banks are exploring the idea of shared ATMs.
The most underserved areas in financial technology
Software company Plaid put out a “request for startups” this week as a call for innovation in underserved areas of fintech. Tearsheet’s Suman Bhattacharyya takes a deeper look at where more innovation is needed.
(Sponsored) Your account, powered by Bazing
Why struggle developing and managing your own rewards-based app for your credit union or bank? StrategyCorp’s Bazing provides a seamless and modern user experience from the moment your customers open an account, branded with your firm’s name, look, and brand. Check out Bazing.
How three banks are integrating design into customer experience
These days banks talk a lot about the customer experience, co-creation and thinking like a startup. Design thinking isn’t new, but it’s new to banks, and it’s helping them focus better on serving their customers.
How MBA programs are teaching financial technology
Joining schools like Brandeis and Columbia, Stanford and Georgetown are adding financial technology courses to their curricula this fall.
China = fintech?
Some central banks are exploring the use of cryptocurrencies. For example, China is testing a digital currency.
While Jack Ma’s shadow looms large for banks across Southeast Asia, apparently Chinese fintech isn’t actually a threat to Chinese banks.
Deal flow
  • PayPal invests in online lender LendUp
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