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Bizfi doubles down on SMB lending platform

This week we hosted the first Tradestreaming Money Conference at the InterContinental Barclay in New
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This week we hosted the first Tradestreaming Money Conference at the InterContinental Barclay in New York City. We had over 200 professionals join us for a day-long discussion of how to reignite growth in our businesses. We topped the day off with our first Tradestreaming Awards.
Feedback has been really great on the sessions, speakers, and attendees. We have a lot in the hopper for 2017 – on the website and off. I hope you’ll join us in exploring the future of finance.
Zack Miller, Tradestreaming

With credit tightening, Bizfi doubles down on platform
The online lending platform originally started as a balance sheet lender. But a few years in, Bizfi is finding success with its lending partners and a smart distribution and partnership strategy.
It's a beautiful day in the digital neighborhood
Crowdfunding is defining new digital communities, and as it does, an interesting thing is happening: communities are influencing financial regulation.
Traveling with invisible payments
Ticketing without the payment hassle
One of the reasons taxi apps are so popular is that they’re just so darn easy to use. Removing the payment process from the transaction plays a big role in that. Other forms of transportation are trying to get in on that experience, too. Coming soon to a train near you.
Credit scoring that's old and new
Online credit scoring doesn’t have to be alternative to be innovative. While there seems to be room to change things up, some tech firms are trying to improve existing scoring methodologies, instead of throwing the baby out with the bath water.
Forget chatbots, here come AI personal assistants
Seems that every bank is working on chatbot technology. But let’s not stop there. Who wouldn’t want a proactive personal assistant that helps me not just pay bills but decide where I should spend my money?
Speaking of AI, it’s become table stakes for traders.
Blockchain isn't just for breakfast anymore
It’s not just payments that will change dramatically in the face of distributed ledger technology. Here are 5 examples of blockchain applications for capital markets. 
80 percent of industry professionals anticipate blockchain will be operational within 6 years. But it looks like their expectations are too aggressive.
The last mile of business payments
Simplicity seems to be what banks and large corporations are looking for when it comes to managing corporate payments. Regal Software has zeroed in on making ERP payments easier for businesses.
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Startups raising/Investors investing
Andreessen Horowitz led $15M investment in real estate lender, PeerStreet
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