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9 fintech CEOs share their best and worst parts of their jobs

This week's newsletter comes directly from the lobby of the InterContinental Barclay Hotel, as we pre
November 14 · Issue #58 · View online
Tearsheet Weekly Newsletter
This week’s newsletter comes directly from the lobby of the InterContinental Barclay Hotel, as we prepare for the first Tradestreaming Money Conference. 
We have an incredible slate of top industry speakers, a strong and wide attendee list, and a great day of presentations, discussions, and fun lined up. Hope you’re joining us! Check it out here.
– Zack Miller, editor in chief, Tradestreaming

Lacking growth, digital wallets get creative
Accenture’s recent report that POS digital payments haven’t grown at all over the past year wasn’t surprising, as the technology cart is still ahead of the user horse. But that doesn’t mean mobile payment firms aren’t still part of a massive land grab.
With a growing presence in retail, Apple is trying to get users comfortable using Apple Pay in ecommerce, too.
Tired of waiting on MCX, Walmart’s recent entry into payments now has the retailer in talks over integrating other wallet options into its retail app.
Bloomberg examines a future that still includes cash but it will probably be made out of plastic, not paper.
In lending, what's old is new again
We’re sometimes quick to draw distinctions between the incumbents and the upstarts. But in online lending, things are getting a bit blurred. A new partnership between Fannie Mae and SoFi shows how fintech partnerships can work.
OnDeck might need some deep-pocketed partners as it’s predominantly using its own balance sheet to fund its growing originations.
And investors continue to shrug off more losses at Lending Club.
Innovate by spinovate
We’ll be spending a good chunk of the Money Conference talking about innovation model. Here’s an interesting story of how Bank Leumi went about disrupting itself with its new digital bank, Pepper.
Industry leaders talk about success, views on industry
Firms and their leaders find different paths to success. Here are 9 fintech CEOs sharing the best (and worst) parts of their jobs.
These 5 entrepreneurs and leaders share their views on where the financial industry and fintech are headed.
Banks and software, APIs and SDKs
If you want to see just how banks, with more open systems and established software connectors, can evolve, here are 7 examples showing the power of banking APIs.
Citi just unveiled its global API developer hub.
Why Cardflight built its tech on top of existing payment infrastructure, rather than building out something new.
Tell Siri to pay your bills for you. For the uninitiated, WTF is an SDK?
Worries, excitement about blockchain tech
Every week, we hear horror stories like 40,000 bank accounts getting drained at Tesco.To the imaginative, blockchain offers an optimistic, if naive, way out. At the least, it could improve the dreadful state of voting tech in the U.S.
Deutsche Bank thinks we’re about 6 years away from really seeing blockchain take hold and really seeing its impact.
Bank to the future
Even with more options, customers stick with their banks. Here are 4 charts that show just how sticky traditional banks really are.
Here’s an interesting example how banks are using matchmaking platforms to bring more business to their corporate customers.
Distribution is changing and a Mexican fintech has partnered with Uber on the launch of its first debit card in LatAm.
New payment products and services
We look at how PayPal’s new remittance solution stacks up against other options.
Regtech gets sexy? Not really, but...
Regtech may never be cool but changes in regulations are making compliance tools and technology in hot demand. Forget roboadvisors – regulations are now the top driver of financial advisor technology.
Noted investments this week
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