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Monthly updates about my indie hacking journey, what I have built and learned.

Monthly updates about my indie hacking journey, what I have built and learned.

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May 2022: $7,839 MRR, travel, experiments, and a new app.

Welcome 128 new subscribers since the last issue!If you are new here, this is a monthly newsletter of my indie hacking journey. I try to document everything happened in the last month and share my insights and knowledge as much as I can.I've been doing this f…


April 2022: High churn, reached $6K MRR, and other updates.

Here is a quick update from me in April 2022.


March 2022: $5,316 MRR and my journey to 30K followers

I'm happy to share that this newsletter has now reached 2,000 subscribers, yay! 🥳I'm very grateful to have your support and I hope what I shared here has been helpful for you!Let's dig in, here is what happened in March 2022.


February 2022 updates – 6 months milestone

Time flies! February 2022 marks the 6 months milestone of me going indie hacking full time! 🥳In this issue, I'll share my regular updates from February and some thoughts on the first 6 months of my journey.Let's go!


Jan 2022 updates: 4K MRR, new release, new features, new learnings

In January 2022, I released a new DevUtils version, added a lot of features for Black Magic, reached $4K MRR, and learned a ton!Here comes the monthly update! Hope you like it!


My entire marketing strategy (+ December 2021 updates)

Hello Hacker News! For context, this post is the latest issue of my monthly newsletter where I share the progress building & Check my previous issues to see more details about the products and my journey. Cheers!


$322 → $2K MRR in 60 days by building in public

Today is a special day.I want to share with you all this post I originally posted on Indie Hackers, but I think you all will also be interested!It's a long post about my journey growing Black Magic to $2K MRR in the last 2 months.Here we go.


My Best Month Ever: $23,109 revenue (+ November 2021 updates)

I just had my best month ever in my entire indie hacking journey, and I'm excited to share it with you all!


Just two things

Once a year, I run a promotion for DevUtils on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This year's, it's 30% off for all license types!Only 3 days left for this deal. If you have been waiting to buy a license. It's time!


Oct 2021 Updates: Vietnam, DevUtils 1.12, and Magic Sidebar ✨

I'm happy and excited to return to my home country!


I turned down a $40,000 cash offer. Here is how and why.

Good morning/afternoon/evening, everyone!


I was granted $5,000 from Product Hunt!

Yes, it is! At least for me! Besides the money, Product Hunt also sent me some nice swags 👇


Quitting my job to pursue full-time indie hacking

Hello everyone, it’s me again, Tony 👋


I sold my side project! (and July updates)

Hello everyone, it’s me, Tony 👋


Real-time banner, sleep indicator, and more!

Hi there, it’s Tony here. 👊


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