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Tony Dinh
Tony Dinh
Hello everyone, it’s me again, Tony 👋
A quick update.
💼 I quit my job
After a long time of consideration, I have decided to quit my job to pursue full-time indie hacking. 🥳
Tony Dinh 🎯
Gonna pin this 📌

After 7 years working as a dev, I quit my job to pursue my dream: build software I love and make a living out of it.

I have:
– Ideas
– Backup plans
– No wife, no kid
– Saving for 2+ years
– And most of all: Faith in myself

Let's see if I can make it! 👊
During 7 years of working as a Software Engineer, I have learned a lot about both technical skills and some sense of how the software industry works. I’m now ready to go on by myself.
I have prepared for this journey for a long time. I have some revenue from my side projects, lots of ideas, and lots of savings 💰.
What will I be working on?
For the moment, I will be focusing on my projects: DevUtils.app and BlackMagic.so. I’m thinking of picking up the 3rd project now that I have 40 more hours per week!
I have a lot of ideas, mostly focusing on developers and small businesses. I also find the remote working space interesting and want to do something about it. I’m still not sure what yet.
I will share my journey here in my newsletter and on my Twitter. Probably consider jumping to Youtube and TikTok too! So stay tuned! 😊
🎁 New update for DevUtils!
In August, I dropped another update for DevUtils with a lot of new features. This is the 8th update of the year!
DevUtils 1.11 is released! 🎁🎉

New stuff:
📖 Markdown Preview
⚡ Instant Clipboard Replace
🆔 Generate Nano ID, Object ID
⏰ Show formatted time in JWT Debugger
🌈 Format JavaScript/Python objects to JSON

... and many more!

📜 Full changelog: https://t.co/yicKDPa3AF https://t.co/WwqrtN0uRn
The landing page has also been updated with more information and fancy demo videos. Give it a look and let me know what you think! 😄 https://devutils.app
🤫 PS: I’m testing out new (increased) prices for DevUtils, if you want to grab a license before the price changes, now it’s the time!
🖤 BlackMagic.so updates
Because of the new update for DevUtils, I haven’t been able to work on Black Magic much this month. However, I still have a lot to share.
New templates:
Showing your local time! A few of you have asked for this, and it seems easy enough. So here it is! 😁
Tony Dinh 🎯
Just fixed a bunch of bugs and added a new template to Black Magic!

⏰ Show your local time! https://t.co/weN8q7KR4L
BlackMagic’s stats in August 2021:
I discovered this chart from Paddle recently and want to share it with you all.
Black Magic MRR
Black Magic MRR
To be honest, I’m surprised that Black Magic passed $100 MRR. This is a great motivation for me! Also, 2 customers churned 😞, I’m hoping to get some feedback from them. Let’s see.
Other stats:
  • Website visits: 9,760
  • Total users: 4,911
  • Active users: 2,592
  • Revenue: $318 MRR
What will be next for Black Magic?
There are a lot of directions I have in mind to grow Black Magic:
  • Continue adding more unique fun tools for Twitter that people can’t find anywhere else.
  • Pivot into something more serious: CRM, analytics tool, thread composing, tweet scheduling, etc…
  • Or both!
I’ll put more thought into this. For the moment, I’ll be focusing on refining the existing features and bug squashing 🏹🐞.
That’s all I have…
…for now!
Thank you for reading and following my journey!
Until next time! 👊
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Tony Dinh
Tony Dinh @tdinh_me

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