I was granted $5,000 from Product Hunt!





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Tony Dinh
Tony Dinh
Hello everyone! It’s me again, Tony. 👋
This month, Sep 2021, BlackMagic.so helped me won a $5,000 grant from Product Hunt 🥳.
In this issue, I’ll share some tips for launching your product on Product Hunt, along with other updates.

💵 $5,000 is a lot of money!
Yes, it is! At least for me! Besides the money, Product Hunt also sent me some nice swags 👇
Product Hunt Maker Grant Goodies
Product Hunt Maker Grant Goodies
Here is how it happened:
July 22nd: I launched Real-time Twitter Banner on Product Hunt
September 10th: I received this email
First email from Product Hunt
First email from Product Hunt
– After 5 minutes of carefully inspect the email to make sure it’s not a scam. I replied and accept the grant! 😍
– We spend the next few days exchanging information:
  • Bank account details
  • Sign an agreement on DocuSign
  • Fill out my address to receive the goodies
– 29th September: I received the goodies! ❤️
The money hasn’t come yet, but I’m sure it will! I’m still waiting for it everyday ⌛👀.
💁 My top 3 tips to launch on Product Hunt
In 2021, I have launched 3 products. It gets better every time! 👇
My products launched in 2021
My products launched in 2021
If you plan to launch your product on Product Hunt. Here are my top 3 tips:
1. Know the technical!
Here is the ultimate guide to learn about how to post on Product Hunt: How to Launch on Product Hunt
Give it a read before launching your product, you will learn a lot about how to make your product listing the most optimal and beautiful! ✨
2. Warm-up the launch
Make an announcement 24 → 48 hours before the launch.
Let your friends, family, coworkers, Twitter/Facebook followers, private group chats know about it.
Don’t be afraid to send them a DM asking for support, it’s a special occasion, people are willing to help! (just don’t do it every week/month, haha)
3. It’s ok to launch again with a new major feature of the same product!
When you add a new major feature to your product, you can launch it again! The Real-time Twitter Banner was a new feature of BlackMagic.so, which I launched 2 months before.
Even with the same product, it’s generally accepted that you can launch again with major updates after 6-12 months. But it has to be a major update. Use this to your advantage! 😄
💬 I did an AMA on Indie Hackers
I was invited to do an AMA on Indie Hackers (IH) about BlackMagic.so. It has received 47 votes with 40 comments, the most popular post I have ever made on IH.
If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the link:
I turned my Twitter banner into a SaaS, gained 9k followers, 5k users, and $300 MRR in 4 months. AMA!
🎁 New templates on BlackMagic.so...
If you haven’t seen the new banner templates yet, here they are: Crypto & Stock price chart!
Show live Crypto & Stock price chart on your Twitter banner
Show live Crypto & Stock price chart on your Twitter banner
This feature has been requested for a while, I finally got time to get to it. You can select from the 4 templates I have in place for crypto & stock price.
I used CryptoWat.ch API for the crypto price and finnhub.io API for the stock price. They are “mostly free” are easy to use. If you want to build something around crypto & stock price chart, do take a look!
📈 Stats & Revenue
BlackMagic.so Stats & Revenue
BlackMagic.so Stats & Revenue
Not much growth this month. I have some new customers, but some also churned.
To be fair, the most significant growth in revenue was during the Product Hunt launch. It helped to bring a lot of new paid users.
BlackMagic.so stats in September 2021:
  • $326 MRR
  • 5,974 Registered users:
  • 3,073 Active users:
  • 2,021 Profile Progress Bar users
  • 319 Sleep Indicator users
  • 1,550 Real-time banner users
🙌 That's all!
I realized this issue is all about BlackMagic.so, what a coincidence!
In October, I’m working on new exciting updates for DevUtils.app, stay tuned!
Until next time! 👊
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Tony Dinh
Tony Dinh @tdinh_me

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