De Sales Architect

By Terry van den Bemt

De Sales Architect - Inzichten & updates

De Sales Architect - Inzichten & updates

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De Sales Architect - Outbound sales insights

Hi,In deze editie een hele handige template voor je sales development aanpak en daarnaast nog een aantal andere inzichten op het gebied van Sales Development & Outbound Sales. Dus kijk snel verder.Veel plezier!Terry van den Bemt


Sales Development Special

Hi,Aangezien wij met Saleslift Studio voor onze klanten sales development uitvoeren en zorgen dat zij aan tafel komen bij de prospects van hun keuze heb ik hier een speciale editie aan gewijd.Een editie met van alles over "sales development"/"outbound prospec…


De Sales Architect - Aan tafel komen, hoe werkt dat ?

Hi!Deze nieuwsbrief:Aan tafel komen bij relevante prospects?Tips voor het aannemen van sales representatives.The Sales Page - Gratis Sales Playbook TemplateDe-stressen bij cold calling.Lees vooral verder,Terry van den Bemt


De Sales Architect - Inzichten & updates


De Sales Architect - Het Webinar

De Sales Architect - Het WebinarEen webinar kan natuurlijk niet ontbreken in deze tijd. Samen met de fenomenale Tobias de Wolff ben ik te gast bij Teamleader CRM volgende week donderdag 23 april. Van 10:00 tot 10:45.Waar de meesten onder ons de afgelopen jare…


De Sales Architect - Remote Boeklancering

Ja!Daar is hij dan echt. 192 pagina's vers aan de haak. De Sales Architect is nu ook echt daar. Ik ben daar natuurlijk trots op en blij mee, want het was een partij werk he...;) Maar het was te gek om te doen, en nu is hij out there.Het zijn gekke tijden. We …


How to sell remotely?

Hi there,It is a crazy time, where we have to stay and work from home to try to take control over the virus. Priority number one is our health of course. I hope everyone is fine.On the other hand, we have to make the best of the new situation, since our busin…


To bonus or no to bonus, that's the question

Hi there!3 pieces of exciting content this issue: my opinion about bonuses, an interesting read about being a caring manager, and a nice blog about selling SaaS to enterprise buyers. book De Sales Architect is ready for ordering on…


De Sales Architect - March 2020

Hi there!The Book: De Sales Architect is almost there :)It is now in the final stage, so it will be in stores March 2020. If you want to pre-order. This way please :) There is also a "De Sales Architect" course coming up with the book this year. You can find …


Sales Tips & Insights

The manuscript for my book has been delivered to my publisher, Business Contact, so we are now in "the feedback & edit phase".We have a title: De Sales Architect ( that is dutch for: The Sales Architect ;) We have a design ( which I will show soon) and …


The 25 best Sales memes of 2019

One of my favourite sales training exercises is the trading game. In the trading game you start with something relatively small like a pen or a paperclip and you try to trade it for something of more value, and then you try to trade that for something of more…


When you are not going to close

Like I mentioned earlier "There will be a book".There are already around 30.000 words, there is a publisher (Business Contact), there is no title yet and I will start showing some of the content in the upcoming months with you to gather feedback. So it will b…


Sales Team Structures

And a special thanks to my friends Erwin & Zaheen of Springbok for helping me out with some website/digital challenges. Thanks a lot!


There will be a book

Hi there,This year I will release my first book. It is now in full progress and wil arrive mid 2019.I won't be a novel ( yet ;) but a Sales Management Book, which will help you with everything you need to know when running the commercial side of your business…


Suprising Sales Stats

Hi there!Stats about prospecting, the golden age of freemium, a 60 seconds video book summary and.....more :)Have fun & take the quiz!


Quiz: What type of salesperson are you?

Hi there,The "What type of sales person are you? Quiz!", a great video about Death by powerpoint. And more interesting sales stuff :)Have fun!Terry


Invite: Free Sales Masterclass!

Yes! An invitation for a free Sales Masterclass for you in Amsterdam, to step up your sales game :) And some other nice stuff you can use to your advantage. Have fun!Terry


Urgency & The Challenger Approach

Urgency, how to challenge, a Sales Strategy template & The Verne.Have fun with it!Terry


Sales strategy on 1 page and more..

Hi!This issue the new and improved Sales Page, a video about 8 types of salespeople, something about comedy and sales & also 2 really helpful blogs. Have fun! Terry


Saleslift #34: Forget Hollywood

Hi there,Wherever we do a keynote, training or workshop we always start with the Forget Hollywood Quiz. You can forget everything you have seen from Hollywood regarding Sales. Guys in bad suits, screaming loud while selling stuff to people who don't need it h…