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The 25 best Sales memes of 2019


De Sales Architect

June 7 · Issue #43 · View online

De Sales Architect - Inzichten & updates

And more…Sales Memes, Sales Quote’s a nice story about Selling the dream, 40 sales tools to keep you going and a short description of one of my favourite sales training exercises.
Have fun!

The 25 Best Sales Memes of 2019
To sell the dream
25 Sales Quotes From Some of the World's Most Successful People
A list of 40 Sales Tools
The Trading Game
One of my favourite sales training exercises is the trading game.
In the trading game you start with something relatively small like a pen or a paperclip and you try to trade it for something of more value, and then you try to trade that for something of more value and then etc. you know what I mean.
Until you got yourself a car :) ( or a real life doll box)
It is not only great way to train yourself in building rapport, making a connection with people and being creative but it is also a great way to train feeling uncomfortable but act anyway.
Face your fears, trade the pen.
Sungevity Sales Excellence Program
Sungevity Sales Excellence Program
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