Sales, Sleep & Brilliancy

This issue some things about Sales, Sleep, Brilliancy and Saleslift. Have fun!Terry
Terry van den Bemt - Saleslift
Sales, Sleep & Brilliancy
By Terry van den Bemt - Saleslift • Issue #9
This issue some things about Sales, Sleep, Brilliancy and Saleslift. 
Have fun!

Transactional vs. consultative buying behaviours
During one of my Sales Strategy Workshops at Buzzcapture while defining our ideal customer profile(s)  Neil Rackham’s (known from SPIN Selling) “Transactional vs Consultative” customers came up. 
Neil Rackham did a great keynote 2-years ago about the different buying behaviours of our customers and how we can use this to our advantage. Check it out.
Salespeople Need a Strategy for Selling to CEOs
Here’s a three-part approach you can take in mind while trying to help CEO’s make their careers and their live more easy. Nice insights.
Think working long hours is a good thing? This is why you’re wrong
As a father of a twin I know how the lack of sleep affected my mental capacities. (all my colleagues at that time at Pepperminds know it as well)
Read this one, and think about this; Building a business or a career is like being a professional athlete. And what do professional athletes do? Yes. They train and they sleep. A lot.
VanMoof's secret is out
Brilliant “out of the box” solution. Or is this one actually “on the box”. Doesn’t matter. Brilliant.
Fuck You Startup World
I really enjoyed reading this one. Especially the “zelfspot” as we call this in dutch. Thanks to Jon Woodroof who showed me this great, funny and true piece of poetry. 
Is doing great :) I promised David Ossebaar a heads up so here it is. A short one. Yellowlab and Verint started working with Saleslift. Which we are very proud of. 
We need a bigger pipeline too handle al the golden leads that are coming in ;) And since this october we even have an excellent “Petje of Petje af”  Saleslift Sales Quiz in our product portfolio.  
So if you need us? Give us a call.
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Terry van den Bemt - Saleslift
Great insights on Sales, Culture and Scaling Up. Enjoy! Terry
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