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The Long Game - Issue #204

Taylor Somerville
The Long Game - Issue #204
By Taylor Somerville • Issue #204 • View online
This week, I talked to a friend about one of the biggest lessons I learned during 2020 - the importance of adaptability.
“Change is the only constant in life. One’s ability to adapt to those changes will determine your success in life.” Ben Franklin
Adaptability is defined asthe quality of being able to adjust to new conditions.” New conditions come in the form of changes from outside forces beyond our control (i.e. a stressor). However, the more adaptable you are the more likely you will prevail when difficulties arise. You have the ability to keep moving forward and flow through resistance. For example, everything in our world changed in the blink of an eye in 2020. It feels like an entire decade of change was rolled into a few months.
If you are stuck thinking and hoping things will go back to the ways they used to be, you will be lost. Adopting an adaptable mindset allows you to recognize the change, realize it is manageable, adjust and keep moving forward. We all get stuck in patterns and routines, but we must be willing to transform.
When tragedy strikes or you lose your job, family, or possessions, what do you do? It is important to spend some time grieving the loss. However, eventually, you must adapt.
There are plenty of ways you can work on your mindset. For example, you can learn new skills online for free, reach out to friends and family for support, and focus on adding value to others’ lives. The key is the willingness to flow with the changing times and open your eyes to new opportunities.
The more adaptable you become, the more likely you are to reach your full potential.

This week, I discovered best-selling author, Elizabeth Gilbert, and her friends do my breathwork every day. They used breathwork as a way to connect and cope with everything going on in the world. I am beyond honored and grateful to have her sharing the impact breathwork had on her with others. If you’re interested in checking it out, I’d love to have you join a virtual breath session.
“I discovered Taylor Somerville’s work on the insight timer meditation app, and he swiftly has become my favorite teacher. I use his guided meditations every single day, and I’m continually delighted by the degree of both relaxation and power that I feel after the sessions. Taylor has a wonderfully kind manner, such that even in the most intense breathing challenges, you can always sense that a caring person is helping you through it. I would recommend his offerings to anybody who wants to embark upon an in-depth journey into the miracle and mystery of breath.” Liz Gilbert
Sugar cravings can be hard to break. We are evolutionarily wired to seek sugar. It’s a dense source of calories and when we were running from the lions it was an easy way to get energy. Now, it is everywhere and we have an overabundance of calories in our lives. If you’ve struggled to kick the sugar habit like me, check out this piece.
Rumi dates back to the 13th century and his work stands the test of time. One of my favorite quotes from the article is: “As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.” We can be hesitant about starting a new path, myself included because we want to know what will happen. So, we try to collect all the information before we begin. However, we will never know the outcome until we start and, once we do, we learn along the way and adjust our steps. Whatever you are holding back, start and see where it takes you.  Another favorite quote is from the article is: “The garden of the world has no limits, except in your mind.” The only limits we have in life are those we set on ourselves. Take away your “can’t” and believe in yourself. If you don’t, no one else will.
Before I go, check out a few more links I found this week.
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