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The Long Game - Issue #188

Taylor Somerville
The Long Game - Issue #188
By Taylor Somerville • Issue #188 • View online
Last week, I discussed the concept of “Amor Fati”, accepting everything that happens in life - the good, the bad, and the ugly. Our life experiences craft the person we become. Learning to accept all of the things that happen to us in our lives takes preparation. How do we prepare ourselves to tackle what life throws at us? We must work to “callous the mind” as David Goggins says. We have the power to take control of our self-talk and the self-doubt that creeps in when bad things happen. We all deal with fear and self-doubt, but learning how to handle it separates the successful from the unsuccessful.
A lot of the practices I incorporate into my own life and the lives of my clients are intended to build resiliency and make us anti-fragile. The resilient resists shock and stay the same but the anti-fragile gets better. We want to grow through stress and advance with each shock to the system. Intense workouts, ice baths, breathwork, and journaling all help to make you more adaptable and equip you to effectively handle difficult situations in life. You learn a lot about yourself when you voluntarily expose yourself to situations that stress your system. What kind of self-talk is going through your head? Where do you will feel the stress and anxiety building in your body? The answers to these questions will differ among all of us. As you begin to control your breathing and create positive affirmations in your mind, the body begins to calm. You will improve with practice and realize you can now control the intense pressure you used to feel in life. The changes will begin slowly and then suddenly, you will notice it is easier to have difficult conversations in life or step up when it is time to give a big presentation at work.
Don’t allow the siren song of the comforts of modern life hold you back or become a crutch. Get out there and test yourself. Pushing your physical and mental limits will provide you with a sense of achievement. Embracing a growth mindset can drive you to learn new subjects, try new things and get comfortable in the unknown. This will help you be better equipped to handle the real struggles in life.
My long term mission is to help you improve your own stress management skills, performance in athletic endeavors or in the workplace and increase your overall health and vitality. We all struggle with these issues at some point in our lives. Don’t allow the modern world to turn you into a fragile person. You have the tools to empower yourself with a little guidance. Change your relationship with stress and become anti-fragile.

“Our behaviors, thoughts, and actions are not just spontaneous and unpredictable. They are driven and directed by a powerful operating system built on your beliefs – about the world around you and about your place within in.”
We don’t go through life making decisions out of thin air or stick to habits for no reason at all. These are driven, in part, by the operating software inside of us and the assumptions we make about ourselves and others. The great thing is, we have the power to add in new programs and take out ones that no longer serve us. If you’re willing to do the work, these changes are very valuable!
Life is full of failures and learning from them and knowing when to pivot or quit all together are important to our success. This framework looks at the “how, what, and why” of failure and what to do about them. Knowing what category your failures fall into will go a long way in how to respond.
Time is our most precious commodity and once it is gone, it is gone forever. How are you spending your time? This article is packed with tips on making the most of your time. A few tips I use are, removing all push notifications off my phone and planning tomorrow a day in advance. Push notifications lead to distraction and the constant search for the dopamine hit from my phone. Additionally, my wife and I both sit down before bed and make our list of the most important objectives for the next day to make sure those get accomplished. Check out the article to find out more helpful tips.
Before I go, checkout a few more links I found this week.
If you’re looking for guidance on tools to handle stress better and take your performance to another level, let’s chat. You can set-up a free consultation here.
I hope you enjoyed another edition of The Long Game, feel free to pass it along.
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