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The Long Game - Issue #153

How often do you give yourself space to observe what you are feeling and the thoughts that come and g
Taylor Somerville
The Long Game - Issue #153
By Taylor Somerville • Issue #153 • View online
How often do you give yourself space to observe what you are feeling and the thoughts that come and go? How do you respond in situations? Do you know how the foods you eat make you feel or if how difficult conversations bring a sense of stress and anxiety into your life?
We’ve lost a lot of our intuition in today’s society. We have large amounts of information coming at us all the time and we never sit back and listen to what is inside. We are always seeking more and more. More books, more podcasts, more information on others, more news, etc. I am just as guilty as the next person of this, but we need to find time to listen to our own intuition.
This takes practice and starts with awareness. Instead of blindly going through the day rushing from task to task and checking off our to-do list, we must learn to become aware of our thoughts and our reactions. This is incredibly difficult as we age and juggle careers, kids, and family, but cultivating your intuition and awareness will have long-term benefits.
When we are just checking off the to-do list, we become short-term focused and lose our sense of purpose. We also allow our relationships to lapse because we aren’t having real conversations. We aren’t communicating with our partner about our needs and wants. Hell, most of us have no idea what those are anymore. We are rushed along with whatever the buzz is on the internet. If you’re feeling rushed through life and ready to make a change, you can.
Start by setting aside five minutes for yourself daily. Sit with your thoughts, breathe, and check-in with your body. Where are you holding tension? What thought keeps coming back over and over again? Make note of those. Write it down and come back to it at the end of the day and reflect. Spend one month doing this practice. At the end of the month, see what the repetitive patterns are that keep popping up. From here you can begin to look into those a little more deeply.

Journaling creates so many benefits in our lives. For example, it gives us a record of our thoughts and actions. There are lots of different ways to go about journaling and this article breaks them down and provides research-backed benefits of journaling. Studies show journaling increases communication skills, improves performance, and provides better sleep. Those right there should be enough to give it a try. Check out the article to discover ways to get started with your own practice.
“After a notification has forced you to switch between tasks, it can take about 23 minutes to get back to the task at hand, according to a study from University of California, Irvine.”
Notifications on our phones and computer are structured to take our attention away from the task at hand. They are there to keep us distracted. It can be hard enough to stay focused without a little icon popping up telling us we’ve missed something. If you are still getting notifications, you will likely reassess this feature after reading this piece.
This is a fascinating piece on how our breath impacts our “free will.” The choices we make are directly related to our breathing pattern. The article states that participants in the study “initiated voluntary movements more frequently during an exhale than an inhale and were completely unaware of this breathing-action coupling.” This is more support for how our breath patterns, thoughts, and actions are all connected.
Before I go, check out a podcast I was on recently and a couple of interesting articles I found.
Don’t forget to check Symmetry’s Introduction to Breath.
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