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The Long Game - Issue #151

"Anxiety lives in the future." taken from Lao Tzu Do you find yourself to be an anxious person? I’ve
Taylor Somerville
The Long Game - Issue #151
By Taylor Somerville • Issue #151 • View online
“Anxiety lives in the future.” taken from Lao Tzu
Do you find yourself to be an anxious person? I’ve dealt with anxiety a lot in my life. While it still creeps up, I have been able to minimize these feelings as I’ve aged. I picked up this trait from my father and his mother. They were both worriers and were always prepping for what might come. While anxiety can be a good thing at times and I am extremely grateful that my father was prepared when his time came, problems arises when anxiety becomes chronic. Anxiety keeps us out of the present moment and forces us to constantly worry about the bad things that might happen in the future instead of enjoying the good right in front of us.
Worry and anxiety come from a place of wanting to control. We are trying to weigh every variable to make sure nothing goes wrong. However, God has different plans as they say. A lot of what goes wrong will be things we never even thought about and most of the time, it all turns out okay. There are very few events in life that we can’t use to come back stronger if we put our minds to it.
To help with anxiety, Breathwork and meditation play an important role. With practice, these give you the space to recognize, name the anxious thoughts popping into your head and then evaluate how probable they might be. Once you name and evaluate these thoughts, you will realize that a lot of them are out of your control and you can’t worry about it. The ones where you do have control, you create a plan and take action.
If you can’t seem to tamp down the anxiety, I recommend talking to someone. Find a therapist or a coach and begin working with a professional. They are an unbiased observer that can help you process what is going on.
Don’t let anxiety and worry destroy the joy of the present moment.

This short video discusses a few reasons why meditation is so important to these two busy men. Ray Dalio runs the largest hedge fund in the world, quite a high-stress job. He places such an importance on his meditation and has stated that he meditates 20 minutes a day unless he is very busy, then it’s 40. Meditation is not for everyone, but you need some type of practice to calm and center yourself. I hope you can find what works best for you.
What is the one big decision you can make that will get rid of a lot of time-wasting decisions in your life? One of the reasons Ferris is cutting out new books in his life this year is to keep him from procrastinating. In a lot of areas, there is one decision we can make that will drastically improve others. If you lack focus and struggle to find where your time went each day, try getting off social media or batching your emails into a certain period. Ferris provides some great questions you can ask to help you figure out the one big change you can make in your life. Check out the article to find out.
How we talk to ourselves in our mind has a significant impact on how successful we will be. If we can’t quiet the self-doubt and insecurities, we will be leaving a lot on the table in life. You can’t force these negative thoughts out overnight. This is a process and the first step is becoming aware of your thought patterns without any judgement. Viewing your thought patterns through this lens will help you get out of your own way and rid you of the negative patterns in your life.
There are plenty of gems in this piece but the one that I am taking hold of in 2020 is: “Semper Anticus (Always Forward).” When we are struggling, the key is to keep moving forward. If we allow ourselves to get the “poor me’s” it will crush us. Keep pushing through and you will get out of the funk. Learn from whatever situation you are in and move ahead. If we are on top of the world and relish in our victories too long, we will be on the bottom before we know it because we will stop putting in the work and become comfortable. Stay focused, stay present, and just keep going.

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