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The Long Game - Issue #118

The Paradox of Choice is a theory developed by psychologist Barry Schwartz. In the modern world, we t
Taylor Somerville
The Long Game - Issue #118
By Taylor Somerville • Issue #118 • View online
The Paradox of Choice is a theory developed by psychologist Barry Schwartz. In the modern world, we tend to think more choice is better but excessive choices can cause problems. Excessive choices can paralyze us with the array of different options and make it harder for us to choose. Further, with too many options, we stress over the fact that maybe we made the wrong decision or we will wait around thinking the perfect opportunity is right around the corner. At the end of the day, excessive options or choices leave us feeling less satisfied and more anxious.
I love having the ability to choose whatever I want, whether it is clothes, restaurants, or the right fitness routine. However, if we don’t limit our options to a few important ones, we can get stressed about making a decision. Why put this added stress on ourselves? These are first world problems, but something I see affecting all of us, including myself. For me, it can keep me from making a decision at all. I tell myself that if I wait, maybe the perfect opportunity will come around. In reality, there is no perfect opportunity. We need to take action, make a decision and, if it doesn’t work out, adjust and move forward.
We must enjoy what we have now and be okay with the decisions we make. If we wait around, we might lose the options we thought we had when we failed to make a decision. We are ever evolving beings progressing on an upward path. Taking action is the number one thing we need to do to move forward. Don’t get stuck worrying that everything isn’t perfectly planned out. No matter what happens in life, unless you’re dead, there is always a chance for redemption. Learn to love the cycles of life and enjoy the journey, making bad decisions is part of that.
There are also habits we can implement that can help clear up mental energy for making big decisions. There is a reason Steve Jobs wore the same black sweater and jeans all the time. It was one less decision he had to make. I do this with my breakfast and lunch during the week. I eat the same thing every day unless I have a meeting. This clears my mind to focus, especially in the morning.
If you are struggling with too many options in your life, try to limit your options in some areas and be satisfied with the choices you make. The perfect opportunity will never come along. Take advantage of what is in front of you now.
Enough rambling from me today, let’s jump into the links.

Are you going through the motions of life, following along with the crowd and doing what others say? If you want to do something great, you have to be different. This article provides tips to get out of the fog most people are in and get into an optimal state to make the best decisions in and for your life. Learning to focus properly and investing time and money in yourself are a great start. Check out the article to learn more.
A lot of the things we do in our personal and professional lives are because it was always done that way. Maybe it is what our parents or a boss told us. But, did you ever question the process or what they were telling you? The first habit in improving critical thinking is questioning assumptions. Start by looking at some of your decisions and ask: “What if I did this differently? Is this really the best strategy or what I’ve always done?”
Comparison is difficult to deal with, especially in the social media age when everyone makes themselves and their lives appear perfect! All we can do is be the best version of ourselves, not a better version of someone else. When we focus on what everyone else is doing or how good they look, we allow them to direct our decisions. Life is no fun when your pulled around by everyone else. Focus on doing your best and everything will fall into place.
Consistency is key in life. We will not be our best every day, but if we show up, we can learn and move forward. It is more important to make a decision and adjust along the way than worry about whether we made the right decision Similar to the “paradox of choice.” Take small steps daily and work to gradually improve. Greatness takes time, but it is achievable by everyone willing to put in the time.
Before I go, here are a few more interesting articles to check out.
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