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The Long Game - Issue #107

Last weekend, I had the honor of being one of eight invited to participate in the first Level 3 certi
Taylor Somerville
The Long Game - Issue #107
By Taylor Somerville • Issue #107 • View online
Last weekend, I had the honor of being one of eight invited to participate in the first Level 3 certification for XPT. The group of individuals who attended had varied backgrounds and locations, but all have a desire to improve others’ lives and improve their craft. We met in Malibu, California for two days of intensive training where we were tasked with leading each other through breath work, presenting on the benefits of breath and heat & ice, and coaching each other through XPT pool training. Throughout the process, we were evaluated by XPT’s lead instructors. The evaluations were tough but fair and I’m grateful for the process. 
I knew going in that I had to work on my presentation skills. I have so much information that has helped me through the years and I want to share it all, but through the feedback process, I found out that it is best to simplify the information to ensure my audience has at least one solid takeaway. I also learned a lot from watching everyone else present. I was in the presence of some masterful coaches that have been coaching a lot longer than I have. Watching them hold an audience and give the right cues at the right time was a great learning experience. I’m looking forward to learning more from this group.
We also had a lot of fun hanging out together. I knew a lot of the other coaches before the certification, but I was able to make some new friends and get closer to the ones I knew before. There is something about the people that gravitate towards XPT. Since my first XPT experience two years ago, I knew I found my tribe. Everyone is open to learning new things and, while we all want to be the best and perform at the highest level, egos are left at the door. Paraphrasing Gabby Reece, what if you didn’t have to compete with everyone but you could all lift each other up?  Looking at relationships and life through this lens is playing the long game. When you find a group of people that make each other better, the impact you can have on the broader community/world is even greater. I believe the universe brought us all together for a reason and I’m excited to see how it all unfolds.
I have a similar group here in Memphis and it’s exciting seeing what is happening in this city. Memphis has never been known as a healthy place, but I believe that is starting to change. The health and fitness community continues to grow and our city officials are doing a great job supporting mental and physical well-being. This week, I challenge you to focus on who you are surrounding yourself with. Are they people that build you up or tear you down?  If you are hanging out with people who are constantly bringing you down, maybe it’s time to let them go. When you find your tribe, it’ll bring out your best and help you do the same for others. It also makes this journey a lot more fun!
It’s time for me to sign off so let’s go ahead and jump into this week’s links.

Part of finding your tribe is examining yourself. You must decide what you want in this world and what drives you. Part of that is figuring out what limiting beliefs you hold. Almost everyone has an inner dialogue that holds them back in certain areas. I know I do. You need to recognize this and figure out how to move forward. Awareness is the first step. As you decide what you want, people will begin coming into your life that you will feel a connection with like you’re old friends. Nurture those friendships and see what happens.
Sorry about the language! If it offends you, you might want to skip this piece. Manson has a way with words! In this piece, he discusses how we need to analyze our actions to truly figure out our values. For example, we can say we value “hard-work”, but if we lay around watching Netflix we are lying to ourselves. This can lead to a lot of inner-turmoil. Analyzing your actions is a great first step in determining your values. If you do not like your actions, Manson gives tips on how to change them. Checkout the article to find out more.
Joe Rogan, is one of my favorite podcasters and I was excited to listen to his conversation with Gabby Reece this week. This is a long one, but one that I highly recommend. They discuss relationships, raising kids, XPT, and pushing yourself. I enjoy listening to both of their perspectives on these topics.
Sometimes fear is the biggest thing holding us back. We want to know the final outcome and without it, we are scared to act. The truth is, we don’t need to have it all figured out and the quickest way to get over fear is by taking action. You need to have a plan but be willing to adjust it, knowing that some stuff you do will work and others will not. You will gain confidence along the way, but you must act!
Before I go, here are a few more interesting articles to check out.
I hope you enjoyed another edition of The Long Game, feel free to pass it along. Have a great weekend!
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Taylor Somerville

The Long Game is a newsletter for people that want to grow and challenge themselves. It is about the drive to better ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually while having the curiosity to enjoy the journey. I will include articles, podcast, videos, and blogs on a variety of topics ranging from psychology, fitness, meditation, and nutrition. I am a certified XPT Coach, I hold the Art of Breath certification, I am a CrossFit Level 1 trainer and hold the Aerobic Capacity certficate. Checkout my website to learn more about the services I offer.

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