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Yet another acronym...

As any self-respecting startup should be, TARS is a proud advocate for the use of technical sounding
Yet another acronym...
By Ish from Tars • Issue #22 • View online
As any self-respecting startup should be, TARS is a proud advocate for the use of technical sounding jargon and acronyms.

After all, without those terms what are we? Just a bunch of dudes sitting at a table in an office somewhere in Bangalore.
Now I know what you are thinking. What jargon and acronyms are we talking about?
Well here are a few that we try to include in all of our pitch decks:
Core Competency
Today we add one more in our vocabulary : FaaS
Unlike the other terms on the list FaaS is the only important one i.e. FaaS is the only one we wrote about this week.
So what is FaaS?
Frontend as a Service.
What does that mean?
Anyone who has spent time in making a web/mobile application knows the pain of building the front face of your app. The amount of time and effort that goes into design, wireframes and prototyping the front end is simply enormous.
We have a possible solution for this.
Seriously though, a chat based interface can simplify your frontend development process.
ChatBots : Frontend as a service
We also created a thread on the TARS community section to discuss the topic :
I’m not a tech person, what does this mean for me…
A lot actually. A few months back I was like, can I start off a new business with just a bot. And I made Sengro. Now I do not know how to code at all. But I used FaaS to start a business in a matter of minutes.
All I had to do to start was create a lead-gen bot in the TARS builder and now every time someone fills the bot I can follow-up by email. I did not have to create a user interface because I used an FaaS service(TARS) to make one for me.
Pretty cool stuff, if I may say so myself.
Now seriously, go read that medium article up there. Vinit will cry if it doesn’t get enough claps.
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