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Worse than a bear attack!

What is worse than being mauled by a bear?
Worse than a bear attack!
By Ish from Tars • Issue #41 • View online
What is worse than being mauled by a bear?

People who use gifs to substitute good writing?
The correct answer, of course, is unstructured data.
Unstructured data is a pain. You can’t track it, you can’t analyse it and worst of all you can’t store it in an Excel sheet!
Of course, we have a (fairly predictable) solution…BOTS!
Till recently, Pazmental, a Mexico based home care provider, collected all their patient data in an unstructured format. While the content was certainly valuable, the company could not pull any useful trends or figures from it. Then, they built a chatbot and everything changed.
Check out their story below :
Pazmental uses ChatBots to Automate their Data Entry and Tracking
What problem are you trying to solve with a chatbot? Ping me and I’ll love to talk to you on how you get more value with bots.
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