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🎅🏽Why Santa Needs A Chatbot … And An Offsite In Goa

🎅🏽Why Santa Needs A Chatbot … And An Offsite In Goa
By Ish from Tars • Issue #202 • View online
TL;DR: The world of chatbots and the holiday season have something in common: they are both built on empathy.
But our CTO Vinit may have taken this concept a little too far by empathizing with the logistical problems of Santa himself!
His solution? A kickass chatbot that helps qualify children as ‘naughty’ or ‘nice’, collects their names and delivery addresses and wishes them happy, happy holidays.
If that’s got you rolling with laughter, don’t worry - we have the perfect balance of serious content to keep you sane, like:
✅ The brilliant learnings from our first ever 🏖️Offsite in Goa
✅ And Product Updates that dramatically 📉 Drop-Off Rates
Here’s the full story 👇🏼

Why Santa Needs A Chatbot ASAP
In this ongoing holiday season, festive marketers are all about empathy - be it for friends, family or your weird neighbour Greg who’s obsessed with pitching 🐶dogecoin and 🐵 NFTs.
Yet distressingly, no one’s empathizing with 🎅🏽 and the logistical challenges he faces every Christmas. I mean talk about ignoring the issues of the elderly!
For our CTO Vinit — who is fast approaching old age 👨🏽‍🦳 himself — this was an outrage.
His first reaction?
Andrew Gazdecki
Build a startup that solves a really painful business problem for an overlooked customer segment.
I mean someone’s got to solve for Santa right?
So he burnt the midnight oil, and many a grilled cheese sandwich, to meticulously investigate the many logistical challenges being faced by Santa.
Apart from Santa’s obvious need of extra-strong beard oil, what he discovered came as a shock: this massive global project was being run manually by the elves on an outdated set of paper scrolls!
(No wonder I kept getting books for Christmas as a teenager, when all I really wanted was a motorbike…)
That’s when it hit Vinit, what Santa really needed is a kickass Chatbot that would:
🎯qualify children as naughty or nice based on set of questions.
🎯collects names and delivery addresses.
🎯answer common queries of impatient children.
Now Vinit’s insisting on pitching this brainwave to Santa himself. While his tickets are yet to be booked, a trip to the North Pole would be quite the contrast to our recent concluded, first ever #Offsite in Goa.
Our legendary #Offsite in Goa 🏖️
As a Startup that went remote during the pandemic, this was a special milestone for us: not only had we survived an incredible black swan event, but we had thrived through it.
Building the future of #conversationalcommerce is hard work: the kind of work that’s driven by inspiration and not a Slack Channel.
And to find inspiration, one must occasionally head to Goa 😎
Ish Jindal
As the founder of a startup, I tend to look for insights in the unlikeliest of places ✅

So here are 5 key lessons I learnt about running a startup, at @hellotars_ai's first ever #Offsite in Goa.

A thread 🧵
While I’ll encourage you to read the full thread (spoiler alert: its’s damn funny), here’s a sneak peek ft. Vinit:
Ish Jindal
Lesson4⃣: Power-naps are the best kept secret about boosting productivity👇:
And Product Updates?
When we say #workhardplayharder, we are as serious about the work part as we are about the play part.
That’s why we are so proud to announce that with our 🔥latest product update, businesses can now hyper-optimize their chatbots using a brand-new User Flow Analytics View that displays key engagement stats like no. of people who have seen, responded and dropped off for each gambit.
To read more, check out the full product update at:
Hyper-Optimize Your Chatbots With User Flow Analytics - Tars Blog
Before We Leave ...
…We’ve always been grateful for all the love and support we have received for this newsletter, especially from our super-fans like Prasanna Krishnamoorthy at Upekkha who recently gave us a shoutout at:
Stellaris Venture Partners
@prasanna_says, @upekkhaBe in our recent #SaaSTalks shared an interesting case study on how @hellotars_ai, a bootstrapped business is building credibility without VC investment.
@alokgoyal1971 | @ArpitM7

#Stellaris #SaaSSales #SaaSStartups #VC #StartupStrategies
With the chatbot ecosystem evolving at an unprecedented pace, the next year is going to be crucial for the journey of Tars.
All we’ll ask for on this journey is your continued love and support.
Until then, peace out!
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