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Who doesn't love new things?

Certainly not me. I like anything new. Clothes, food, electronics, bots. You know what tops the list
Who doesn't love new things?
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Certainly not me.
I like anything new. Clothes, food, electronics, bots.
You know what tops the list though. I absolutely love (and when I say love I really mean LOVE) new methods of deploying bots on my website.
A mouthful I know, but the rush I feel when I deploy a bot in a new way is just… indescribable..

Why am I sharing this wonderful tidbit of information with you? Because we have added a new way for you to deploy bots on your site! The full run down below.
How you deploy bots currently? - Currently, there are two broad ways you can deploy a bot.
Using a widget :
Or using a native link that opens the bot in a new page :
The Addition
The new way is a mix of the two old ones. You can now make native links on your site open a bot from the widget.
In English
You can put the widget in the bottom of your page and it will work normally.
If you really want to push users to your bot, you can make existing links or buttons on your page open the bot from the widget when you click on the link. Take a look at this gif and pay attention to where the user clicks to open the bot:
Why would anyone want to do this?
Two reasons :
1. More users, more clicks, more engagement
The more buttons you have leading to your bot, more likely your users are to use your bot. Simple math.
2. Keep users on your site
An issue with native links as they were before was that the user was redirected away from your site. This new method, allows you to keep native links but since the bot opens in the widget instead of in a new tab. So when users finish interacting with your bot, they can continue navigating on your site.
How can you use this method?
Good question. We created a help-doc of course. Check it out :
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