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What's Our Secret Mission At Tars ? + (Year In Review ⏪)

What's Our Secret Mission At Tars ? + (Year In Review ⏪)
By Ish from Tars • Issue #203 • View online
First things first: Congratulations on making it till 2022. Minus the hangovers, I hope y'all are doing peachy!
If like me, you’re one of those 🤨 people who suspects every headline of being clickbait, then let me assure you — some 🤐 secrets are indeed gonna be spilled today.
But before that, we have two other things on the docket for today:
  • ✅ Reflections on 2021
  • ✅ Recap of 2021
Here’s the complete story👇

Reflections on 2021
Wow. So 2021 is finally over.
Is it just me or did this year disappear faster than the plotline in Matrix sequels? Like seriously, where did this year go?
Feels like it was only yesterday that we were predicting the arrival of WhatsApp Chatbots as the new darling of Marketers; and today we have woken up to a new world order where WhatsApp has become synonymous with Conversational Commerce.
But don’t let this feeling of everything happening at warp-speed — fool you. None of it was inevitable.
It all happened because hundred of companies (like Tars) were working mad hours to bring this future to life.
With waves upon waves of the Covid-19 pandemic creating a new normal, its ultimately a purpose that keeps us rooted to reality.
For me and my team, that purpose is Tars.
Recap of 2021 ⏪
You better believe us, because in 2021 we:
  • Grew our ARR by 60% and reached a significant revenue milestone we had been aiming for 📈
  • Grew our team by 40% since last year 💪🏼
  • 100%+ NRR, <2% Churn
  • Rewrote 70% of our code from scratch 👨🏼‍💻
  • Held first ever #Offsite in Goa🏖️
But most importantly, we released 62 new product updates in 2021, compared to 28 updates in 2020. 🏆
And Finally … What's Our Secret Mission At Tars? ?
We don’t have satanic rituals, nor do we inspire sub-par thrillers by Dan Brown.
But in a key sense, Tars is like the Illuminati of the chatbot space.
Why? Because hiding in plain sight is our secret mission, a layer of reality that goes beyond our revenue numbers and our product offerings.
Okay enough suspense…time for the big reveal.
As long as there has been technology, there have been interfaces that enable us to control and communicate with that technology.
Think of the good old Command Shell as the OG Human-Computer Interface.
When Vinit and I founded Tars in 2016, we didn’t set out to be a ‘chatbot company’. We wanted to solve the interface problem between humans and computers.
Our bet was that the next stage in human-machine interfaces would be conversations, which naturally meant building a chatbot offering.
But as technology progresses with breakneck speed, there’s nothing to say that five years from now conversations will still be the dominant interface.
And while this may be an extinction level event for other chatbot companies, for us it will just be the beginning of a brand new chapter.
And with the secret spilled, now I’ll take your leave.
Happy New Year.🍾🥂🎉
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Ish from Tars

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