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Webinars for the New Year

Webinars for the New Year
By Ish from Tars • Issue #190 • View online
Happy New Year everyone!
The hellscape that was 2020 is finally over and it has given way to… well… the new hellscape that is 2021!

It’s been shall we say an interesting start to the year so far (looking at you America), but we’re an optimistic bunch at Tars so we’re about 35% confident that this year will be better than the last.
That being said, one thing is certain:
Regardless of what is going on in the world, the Tars machine trundles on, bringing the gospel of chatbot-driven efficiency to the masses (that’s you).
To that end, we’re kicking off this year with, you guessed it, MORE WEBINARS!!!
Check them out below👇
The Law Firm Marketing Automation Playbook
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Legal marketing is hard.
The cost per click for some legal verticals tops $1000 dollars, and landing page conversion rates are abysmally low. The combination of these two factors is quite literally marketing hell because it means that law firms have to literally pour buckets of money into their marketing campaigns to even have a chance of seeing tangible results.
I wouldn’t wish that on anyone (even if they are lawyers), so we’re teaming up with the folks over at Clio to host a webinar next Thursday (1/21) at 12 PM EST about how law firms can use automation to tackle this marketing conundrum and see higher ROI on their marketing spends.
If you run a law firm or have clients that are law firms, sign up for the webinar today
How Law Firms Can Use Automation To Turn Prospects Into Customers - Tars and Clio Webinar
Conducting eKYC Over A Chatbot
In most countries, financial services institutions have to collect a bunch of forms and documents from their customers to verify their identity and legally provide them with service.
This process is high-friction, to say the least. Honestly, it makes applying for a driver’s license feel like a casual stroll in the park.
Inevitably results in high rates of application abandonment.
We teamed up with the folks over at Karza Technologies to host a webinar about how chatbots can make the process more engaging and in the process increase completion rates.
If you struggle with KYC (or for that matter any other bureaucratic process) check out the webinar replay.
How to conduct eKYC over a chatbot - Tars webinar
Automating Customer Service For E-Commerce
I recently started an Etsy store to sell a line of sweaters that I made out of my cat’s fur, and while it is going well, the one thing that has surprised me is the number of questions I get from prospective customers.
Dealing with them is almost like a full-time job, and my store isn’t even that big.
Inspired by this experience we hosted a webinar about how e-commerce stores can automate their customer support using chatbots.
Check out the recording today.
How e-commerce stores can automate customer support tickets using chatbots - Tars webinar
Aaaand that’s pretty much it for today folks.
We’ll keep you updated with new content that we create and of course, don’t forget to sign up for our Facebook community if you haven’t already👉
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