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Webinars about Chatbots, Features and Analytics

Webinars about Chatbots, Features and Analytics
By Ish from Tars • Issue #189 • View online
What’s better than one chatbot related webinar?
Three chatbot-related webinars!
To close this “eventful” year with a bang, we’re hosting a webinar buffet so that you can attend one that fits your interests.
Check them out below👇

How to get more leads using chatbots
If you are subscribed for this newsletter you probably already know that we think that chatbots are the future of lead generation.
They’re more intuitive, mobile optimized, and engaging than regular landing pages and forms.
And you know what that means. Higher conversion rates📈
We’re teaming up with the folks at to put this principle into practice and do a live build of a high-converting chat-based leadgen system that captures more leads than your landing page and send them to your CRM to be nurtured.
The webinar is going to be on 10th December @ 12PM EST.
Even if you’ve built a chatbot on the Tars platform I recommend that you sign up because well… don’t you guys find chatbot live builds fun?
It’s like Bob Ross but with bots instead of paint🤖
Here’s the signup link👇
Marketing Automation Playbook - Tars and Webinar
Using Analytics To Get More Out Of Chatbots
A couple of years back, we decided to revamp the chatbot on our website.
Our old flow was kinda plain, and we wanted to implement some of the fancier chatbot building tactics that we’d learned from working with customers.
After several drafts and redrafts we finally published a brand new chatbot that had all of the bells and whistles that a chatbot could have: API integrations, interactive demos, infinite time loops, the whole shebang.
After running the chatbot on our site for a couple of weeks, we opened up the data analytics section of the bot to see the fruits of our labour and guess what we saw.
A 0% conversion rate.
That’s right, in our excitement to show off our chatbot-making prowess we made a lead gen chatbot that was too complex to actually capture leads.
So with our conversation data in hand, we whittled away at the chatbot till we upped our conversion rate to 23%.
This story really underscores how important analytics is to chatbot creation.
If you want to learn about how you can make use of the in-built data analytics features in the Tars builder to get more leads from your chatbots join us on 15th December at 12PM EST for a deep dive on the topic.
Signup link below 👇
Analytics and Goal Settings - Tars Webinar
Office Hours:
We’re bringing back an old format that we tried out back in March: Office Hours.
On 22nd December at 12PM EST, Vinit from the tech team and Arnav from the marketing team are going to discuss the features that we are releasing on the TARS builder in Jan, Feb and March and as if that weren’t enough we’ll even let you give feature requests at the end of the session!
Signup below👇
Upcoming Tars Chatbot Features In 2021 - Tars Office Hours
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